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2011 MCCS TriKids Youth Triathlon Camp

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    2011 MCCS TriKids Youth Triathlon Camp The MCCS ODST TriKids Youth Triathlon Training Camp offers athletes 18 and younger the opportunity to learn about and
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      2011 MCCS TriKids Youth Triathlon Camp

      The MCCS ODST TriKids Youth Triathlon Training Camp offers athletes 18 and younger the opportunity to learn about and train for a triathlon. We are looking for volunteers to help with the camp, primarily as safety cyclists during the bike training sessions. We hope that all athletes take part in the TriKids Triathlon on Saturday 6 August. We also welcome parents to the camp as observers, bike safety riders, and participants when space allows.

      Tryouts: All athletes will be tested on the first day of camp. The first day of the camp will be a swim and run test, bicycle check and tune-up, and an overview of the weeks.

      Qualifying Standards:
      Swim - 200-meters in under 7:00
      Bicycle - must have one in safe, working condition, and must have a helmet that fits!
      Run - 1 km under 9:00
      Have a great attitude and be ready to train

      Location: Foster 50-meter pool and surrounding area
      Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 07:30-10:30
      Dates: 26-28 July and 2-4 August 2010

      Each training session could include swimming, cycling, running, transition practice, and other related activities. Participants must supply their own bicycle, helmet, running shoes, swim suit, and goggles, and appropriate workout attire.

      Fee: $35.00. Only accepted on or after the first day of the camp.

      Camp Participation Limit: All participants must be SOFA/US-Military ID Card Holders. Size will be limited to 60 athletes. If more than 60 sign-up, that number may be expanded or athletes will be allowed to participate based on results of tryouts on the first day of the camp. See qualifying standards for basic qualifications.

      Additional Information: We will meet on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at the Foster 50-meter pool from 07:45-10:30. Please try to be early each day and expect to train until 10:15 each day. We seldom finish early and occasionally end up going a few minutes late. Things are not all work, but there is some physical fitness development along with skill training (and some fun, too). Triathletes will be allowed to store bikes in a locked room within the facility. I suggest that bikes be taken home after camp on Thursday and then brought back to camp on Monday. Some of the triathletes will ride their bikes to and from the camp each day. Beyond the work we do at training camp each week, I suggest that all triathletes run an extra two to three times (10 to 30-minutes) and ride an extra two or three times (20 to 60 minutes) each week. Start with the lower workout time and add a bit each week. Don't worry about how fast or slow you move, just get out and do it.

      General Daily Plan:
      Prepare all gear and do bike safety checks.
      Discuss the day's workout
      Divide into groups.
      One group works in the pool, second group works on the bike, and then groups change places. Once bike and swim work is completed, athletes then work together on transition (moving from one mode to another) and run skills.

      We will still meet if it is raining, but, if we are in TC-2 or worse, there will be no camp. We will resume camp 1-day after all-clear. Call the pool to confirm. The pool phone number is 645-2211.

      Each day, each athlete will need: Bike, Helmet, Running shoes, Socks, Swim wear, Bike wear, Run wear, Goggles, Towel, Water bottle, Snack (power bar, peanut butter sandwich, fruit, etc.), Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Hat, Smiles, Ambition

      Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me; best way to reach me is via e-mail - odst@...
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