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It's been awhile, but here is what is new at the Aquarium: Beach and Boardwalk under construction: A "beach" are behind the aquarium is being built as well as
Scott M Grizzle
Sep 9, 2005

I'm new to this group

http://www.ardice.com/Regional/North_America/United_States/Oklahoma/Localities/J/Jenks/Arts_and_Entertainment/ Hello, I found this group at this website.
Feb 25, 2005

Searching for Photos of the OK Dome Room

Hi, I just found this group! My name is Lynn Campbell and I am the graphic designer at Reynolds Polymer Technology. Reynolds is the company that made the
Mar 12, 2004

Discovery Channel Special @ Oklahoma Aquarium

Today while I was working in the shark done at the Oklahoma Aquarium, a group of british people escorted by Aquarium staff toured the shark tank. Turns out
Scott M Grizzle
Jul 6, 2003

Alligator Snapping Turtle

One of the prehistoric creatures in the "Fishes of Oklahoma" exhibit, the male Aligator Snapping Turtle, died. He was found on June 2nd. He had been having
Scott M Grizzle
Jun 7, 2003

Opening Numbers

Wednesday - Sunday, May 28th-June 1st, over 15,000 people visited the Aquarium during the first preview weekend. The place was packed and not an unhappy person
Scott M Grizzle
Jun 7, 2003

Aquarium Now Open

The "soft" opening of the Aquarium is now in progress. It is not complete yet, which means the prices are lower but still worth the money. There were 2000
Scott M Grizzle
May 29, 2003

Aquarium Opening Date Announced

The official opening of the Oklahoma Aquarium is scheduled for May 28th, with a Grand Opening to be held one month later. As it stands now, I will be helping
Scott M Grizzle
May 6, 2003

Re: Aquarium Progress Update 4/29/03

... From: "Leslie Moyer" ... viewable ... I just tried again and see you fixed it! Thanks! I'm busy reading now...... --Leslie Ah,
Leslie Moyer
Apr 30, 2003

Re: Aquarium Progress Update 4/29/03

Woops I think I found the problem. I'll just crown myself "newbie" and move along... ... section. ... about
Scott M Grizzle
Apr 29, 2003

Re: Aquarium Progress Update 4/29/03

... From: "Scott M Grizzle" ... I used the word "archive" incorrectly.....I meant the messages area. I don't see it, Scott.....??
Leslie Moyer
Apr 29, 2003

Re: Aquarium Progress Update 4/29/03

Right now it is turned on actually. This message board is not old or large enough for any messages to be moved to archive yet. We get 32MB of space for
Scott M Grizzle
Apr 29, 2003

Re: Aquarium Progress Update 4/29/03

... From: "Scott M Grizzle" ... Scott, I love the updates--it's exciting to live it vicariously! However, I did want to point out that
Leslie Moyer
Apr 29, 2003

Aquarium Progress Update 4/29/03

Not a lot to update this week, thus the delay. Construction of a "cave" section of the coral reef is near completion, and the sharks now have 200 other deep
Scott M Grizzle
Apr 29, 2003

Aquarium Progress Update

The filling of tanks and adding of fish is getting up to full steam as of this week. Roughly 30 new varieties have been added in the past week. There are now
Scott M Grizzle
Apr 20, 2003
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