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5345Okapi Tools Update M33

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  • Yves
    May 7, 2017

      Hi everyone,


      A new version of the Okapi Libraries and Tools has been released: M33.

      You can find the binaries here:


      (Note that at the time of this email the Mac distribution is not available yet, but it will be available as a DMG file soon).

      The Maven artifacts are here:





      Some of the changes for this version are:


      ·       A new filter for Markdown files (.md).

      ·       Improvements in the support for SDLXLIFF files in the XLIFF Filter.

      ·       Improvements and bug fixes in the OpenXML Filter (.docx, etc. files).

      ·       Integration with the LanguageTool API has been upgraded to latest version.

      ·       The connector for the Google MT has been upgraded to work with NMT models when available.

      ·       And more…


      For more details, see the full log of the changes here:





      The Okapi Framework code is now under Apache 2.0 license.




      Many thanks to the various contributors who have been working countless hours on improving the framework, and to the companies sponsoring all this work by providing time or paying for it. Many thanks also to the end-users who have been providing the bug reports and suggestions which allow the project to be improved little by little.





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