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Qt TSFilter and numerus detection

Hi all, Looking for some help on how to detect a TextUnit as being one with `numerus="yes"`, so I can mark it as being a source with plural forms. Cheers,
10:50 PM

GUI bugs with Linux GTK releases...

I thought the new version of SWT would fix this bug, alas no. You need to add these lines to your rainbow.sh and other shell scripts: export SWT_GTK3=0 export
Jim Hargrave
Oct 9
Oct 9

Re: Open source translation memories

Hello, Here’s a translator’s point of view. I’d also encourage you to define your needs before looking at tools: do you need to manage your memories and
ML Desfray - Listes
Oct 9

Re: Open source translation memories

The GlobalSight TM is also available as a library here, although the code in GS has drifted from it somewhat, I think: https://github.com/tingley/tm3 On Thu,
Chase Tingley
Oct 8

Re: Open source translation memories

Hi John, The applications in your list are quite different in their capabilities and target audiences. Instead of looking at specific systems, the first step
Martin Wunderlich
Oct 8

Open source translation memories

My company currently uses World Server as its translation memory. However, I'd like to investigate open source TMs if they are available. I've found a few:
Oct 8

Re: Newbie wants to translate JS files [2 Attachments]

Hi Hans, JavaScript files are not directly supported by Okapi. So you get no filter configuration associated with your file. Just like most source code files
Yves Savourel
Oct 8

Re: Newbie wants to translate JS files

I have now downloaded the Windows version. I can start it. When I try to create a translation package, I don't get a generic XLIFF. What am I doing wrong?
Oct 8
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Newbie wants to translate JS files

I've downloaded okapi-apps_cocoa-macosx-x86_64_0.28 to use it with El Capitan. I've Java 8 installed for my CafeTran. Rainbow doesn't start. It requires Java 7
Oct 8

Re: Full-Width Conversion Step (no update to M28 interface)

Hi added the new options. Fredrik is exactly right: You need a post-M28 nightly build to use the new features. I’ll note that on the wiki. -Aaron
Aaron Madlon-Kay
Oct 7

Re: Full-Width Conversion Step (no update to M28 interface)

Hi there, Looks like the wiki page was updated on September 11 with those new full-width conv. options. The M28 release was end of August so it probably was
Fredrik Liden
Oct 6

Full-Width Conversion Step (no update to M28 interface)

Hello All, I've just updated to M28 having discovered that the new version has options for ignoring Japanese katakana, and so forth. Unfortunately, although I
Oct 6

Re: Rainbow: XML filter: ITS rules: Exclusion from translation not w

Forgot to thank you. Your solution works well!
Sep 29

Segmentation in combination with regexp filter fails

I set up a custom regexp filter in Rainbow to extract the strings from the following file format: IDS_FIRST_PROPERTY "First line\nSecond line"
Sep 28
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