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Microfiltration Revisited

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  • Ron Brown
         Here s a link to a very impressive video by the SmartFlow Tech people: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOZUyAVhoJ4&feature=youtu.be        I have
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2013
         Here's a link to a very impressive
    video by the SmartFlow Tech people:
         I have handled enough algae paste
    to know that this is real.  I called
    them on two consecutive days to see what
    they charge for their solution.  Nobody
    was in Sales either time, and they did
    not return my call.

         Their use of the term 'permeate' to
    indicate the filtered cell-free medium
    tells me that they are using a membrane
    microfilter.  If so, the system should
    be pretty cheap.  Here's a link to a
    video that explains a bit more about the
         The attached "RO_filter.jpg" shows
    a Culligan reverse osmosis filter unit.
    I don't remewmber when or where I got
    it, but I plan to hang onto it until I
    can run a test with it to see what it
    can do for us.  Replacement filters for
    this kind of unit run about $15.00. 
    Rather than using a reverse osmosis
    membrane filter, I am thinking that a
    5-micron polypropylene sediment filter
    might be more appropriate to the task,
    and these only cost about $7.00.
         In 2008, when we went to a SCORE
    conference for SBA counselling, the
    counsellor who was assigned us had
    prior experience doing research with
    algae.  In 1975, he was using membrane
    filters to harvest the algae.  He said
    that membrane technology had improved
    a lot, since then, and recommended
    membrane filtration for our enterprise.

    Ron Brown
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