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Re: [oil_from_algae] Re: Opinion Needed

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  • Samuel Kale
    In order to get more out of this group of trail blazers, I was wondering if we should try to form teams and sub-teams. There are different methods for setting
    Message 1 of 31 , Apr 28, 2006
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      In order to get more out of this group of trail blazers, I was wondering if we should try to form teams and sub-teams.  There are different methods for setting up teams such as by geography area.  If we did a scan to see if we have groups of interested people that only live 1.5 hours away and then 3.0 hour away and then maybe 5 hours apart.  We could setup groups by one of several methods to find out our distribution by geography location such as: a grid, areas, states, zip code, area code, or countries.
      Another way we could divide up into teams is by topics like fresh water algae, salt water algae, algae to water separation, algae to oil separation, and algae oil to biodiesel processing.  I would think we could use Phyco.org to  setup some   type of grid /sub-grids location, identify different teams, type of teams, description of teams, short range plan, progress, etc.....
      If agreed upon the following example could be added to or modified to be added on Phyco.org.
      Last Name, First name, Geo Area, State, Zip Code, Area Code, Country, 1st choice Topic, 2nd choice Topic 
      Kale,Sam, East Coast USA, North Carolina, 28570, 252, USA, salt water algae, increase algae density
      This information could be put into a database, spreadsheet format, or just a simple table for Word.
      Now for the hard part.  Does anyone agree that this approach would be beneficial and aid in our journey.
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      From: Jesse
      Sent: Monday, May 01, 2006 4:27 AM
      Subject: [oil_from_algae] Re: Opinion Needed

      Among the problems I face almost daily is the deception by
      incompetent people of ordinary folk regarding matters of law and
      ethics.  People like Mr. Ward, who can't understand the notion of
      indemnification, imagine rights not legitimately supported by law.

      Worse, they mischaracterize issues that I can't beleve a reasonable
      person could misunderstand, while they simultaneously claim righteous
      indignation.  The worst offenders know a few legal terms, but they
      haven't the competence to use them correctly;

      nevertheless, common folk are easily persuaded to follow and support
      loudmouthed idiots.  And, for what it's worth, I sleep better at
      night having told myself that the epidemic created by those
      circumstances is the product of chance accident and not evil design.

      My concern was not for my ego: age and due diligence has given me the
      experience to know that my determinations are right, even when one or
      more particular decisions is unpopular.

      However, this group knows of me only what they have gleaned from my
      writings.  Because this forum does not distinguish between its
      contributors (competent and incompetent alike may post), Mr. Ward's
      comments may appear to the uninformed to have merit in reality.

      And though Mr. Ward has presented himself as the exemplar of the sort
      of incompetence and hypocrisy that I personally hate, neither do I
      have anything personally against Mr. Ward nor do I believe that the
      problem is limited to Mr. Ward.

      The problem is the infection of the group through pseudo-legal babble
      and the willful mischaracterization of issues.  Left uncorrected, Mr.
      Ward's cankerous brand of misinformation will spread like a plague
      throughout the membership.

      Unless we solve these problems now (or in the near future), when the
      time is right to organize an AFXP or some similar R&D incentive,

      we will find the community divided because a significant portion
      didn't bother to understand the truth of the matters about which they
      formed opinions: prejudice will cripple the effort.

      I believe it's much simpler to settle the issues while the group is
      relatively small ("431 members" the last time I checked, though I
      don't know how many of those are unique members).

      Remember the words of James (the Apostle), who wrote:

      "Suppose a brother or sister is without clothes and daily food. If
      one of you says to him, 'Go, I wish you well; keep warm and well
      fed,' but does nothing about his physical needs, what good is it? In
      the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is
      dead." --{James 2: 15-17; NIV Bible}

      Likewise, our desire for compassion and wellness among the members of
      our group ought not be limited to vain expressions, but through
      diligence and good faith be made effectual.  Ignoring ideological or
      practical problems won't make those problems go away.

      Abundance and harmony require effort to attain, and legitimate
      respect requires justification: we can't simply will them into being.

    • Alex Trujillo
      Well, Stephen, I hope you re happy. You ve definitely shaken the woodwork of this list. Have you ever heard the expression, the grass is greener on the other
      Message 31 of 31 , May 7 11:33 AM
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        Well, Stephen, I hope you're happy. You've definitely shaken the
        woodwork of this list. Have you ever heard the expression, "the grass
        is greener on the other side of the fence?" Well, when you have to
        plant that sod on the other side, it doesn't look quite so green
        anymore. ;-)

        Mark and Steve, it's always great to see the community support this
        list is receiving. I would like to point out, however, that Phyco.org
        was created with Oil From Algae in mind from the very start. It is,
        without a doubt, the most relevant place to host a community
        independent of mainstream group services such as Google, Yahoo, and
        MSN, should Oil From Algae not prove satisfactory to its members.

        When I first created the framework for Phyco.org, using (the now
        ancient) MediaWiki 1.4 software, I had also installed a phpBB forum.
        I quickly deleted it, thinking that the wiki software, with its
        discussion pages, along with Oil From Algae's excellent community,
        would be more than sufficient to satisfy our needs. Was my thinking
        incorrect? Perhaps the best way to find out is to do some

        I have put together some software to see what we can do. This is just
        an experimental setup, so feel free to take it and break it.
        This is the phpBB software, if you're unfamiliar with it: http://
        This is the modification I have added: http://www.mail2forum.com/
        This is where I have installed both: http://www.phyco.org/beta/
        This is the list I used to test the M2F software modification: http://

        This setup has the potential to be very powerful, but I would have to
        invest a great deal of time in configuring everything to the tee. As
        you can see, it works (more or less) right out of the box, but it has
        many, many small details that can be tweaked to perfection. As for
        phpBB, there are ways to integrate this software into MediaWiki, both
        functionally and visually, that also make this software attractive. I
        could even go further to add an archive of all the messages on this
        list to the forum for future reference. The best part is that the
        software ties everything together between the forum and the mailing
        list; what goes in on the forum, goes onto the list, and what goes on
        the list goes onto the forum.

        Now, my question to all of my fellow listmates here, is this: Do you
        think it would be beneficial to our group to go with this setup? I
        don't see how it could do much harm; the only thing is that it would
        take quite a bit of my time, but I don't want my work to be in vain.

        - Alex
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