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STOP Data, Maps and Observations

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  • maui444
    WhaleNet s Satellite Tagging Observation Program - STOP
    Message 1 of 61 , Mar 6, 2001
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      WhaleNet's Satellite Tagging Observation Program - STOP<br><br><br><a href=http://whale.wheelock.edu/whalenet-stuff/stop.html target=new>http://whale.wheelock.edu/whalenet-stuff/stop.html</a>
    • maui444
      How close to shore? Within a 100 yards in many cases, if the water is deep enough..... How many? The traditional belief is that there s around
      Message 61 of 61 , Feb 25 6:43 AM
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        How close to shore?<br>Within a 100 yards in many
        cases, if the water is deep enough.....<br><br>How
        many?<br>The traditional belief is that there's around 1500
        Humpback Whales that congregate each year near Hawaii
        during their wintering from Alaska. We try to do a
        census but you know that's not gonna be too acurate
        because you can't count things hiding away in the ocean
        depths too easily. Probably safe to say somewhere
        between 1500-3000 Humpback whales visiting Hawaii now.
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