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1169Fun, intense & affordable vball camps for 2014!

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  • thouser98
    Dec 26, 2013
      This is how easy it is to host a STAR volleyball camp next summer!

      * We can come to your school any week, for any number of days;
      * Email me at coachhouser@..., and specify what week(s) you'd like us to direct a camp.
      * Place the deposit in the mail, or send it by PayPal. 
      * That's it! 

      For more info, you can email me, or visit us at  www.coachhouser.com. 

      The great things about STAR camps include:
      * You decide the number of days, and the number of hours per day.
      * You decide the number of divisions.
      * Then, all you have to do is secure the gym and recruit the athletes! 
      * The coach:camper ratio is usually 1:4!
      * The price is great!  Only $7 per hour per camper!
      * I will hire and pay the staff , provide a camp website, and post your forms online. 

      This is what my staff and I do every week of every summer.  No other national camp will give your team what my staff can offer....price, experience, intensity & fun.  We are experts at directing high school volleyball camps!

      We have directed 50 camps the past 5 summers, and we directed 11 camps last summer in Oklahoma, North Carolina, California and Virginia. 

      A 22-hour camp for your girls is only $154 per girl!! 
      (We may have to work out hotels and plane flights, but that's easy to work out!)

      Please email me anytime you have any questions.  
      We can make this happen for your players in 2014.

      If there's ever anything I can do for you or your team, please contact me anytime!

      Tom Houser