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  • josh schmidt
    my mothers maiden name is Beth Green. Not sure of tribal ancestry. Ancestry.com can t give me any thing but his Bday(1935), no place of birth, but it was in
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 1, 2006
      my mothers maiden name is Beth Green. Not sure of tribal ancestry. Ancestry.com can't give me any thing but his Bday(1935), no place of birth, but it was in Nrn WI. supossedly(sp) the family stayed in WI. and is still there. 

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      >  My ma and me are both curious about my grandpa, Norman J. Green.
      >He never really talked about his family, ever. His adopted ma was
      >Margret Mienke who adopted him at about two from, I believe a
      >parish in WI. His birth mom was said to be an indian woman, who's,
      >last known, last name was Cassidy. His father split before he was
      >born and she mrried his best friend. This is as much that any of us
      >know. Now my ma and me are dying with curiousity. Is there anyone
      >who can help, at least point us in the right direction? I'm pretty
      >much doing this on my own and I'm in Iraq so it's fairly difficult.

      My father always said we were Indian as well.  Up until a year or so
      ago I believed it to be true.  But as I've been working extensively
      on the family tree I've come to realize that this is very unlikely.

      The reason I write you, though, is to share with you a story that
      was told to my younger brother when he visited an Indian Reservation
      some years ago.

      As he walked around looking at stuff, he was approached by a
      Native.  The man asked him, "Are you a son of Walter?"  My brother
      looked at the man shocked.  The man repeated his question, "Walter
      Cassidy, you his son?"  My brother finally replied yes and asked how
      he knew.  The man stated that he looked just like Dad--whom he said
      was a cousin on his dad's side.

      My brother asked him "IF we are Indian, how did we end up with an
      Irish last name?"  The man proceeded to tell him that way back when
      as a family was migrating they fell pray to harsh times.  A family,
      the O'Cassidy family took them in, fed them, healed their ill child,
      and sent them forward with supplies.  The father of this family,
      Qwonton (my father used to tell me), said that out of respect for
      the family who bettered his, he'd carry the name to ensure the
      continued lifeline of the name...hence, we became Cassidy's.

      Of course, when my brother came back and told me this story, it only
      re-inforced the idea that we were Indian (Chiricowia Apache to be
      exact), but as I have been doing much research, I've come to find
      that while this story may be true, it does not seem to be in my
      line...though, maybe, it is in yours??

      I will note, as I believed we were Indian (up 'til last year, like I
      said), I did "do my homework." And there is absolutely NO Cassidy
      names in any tribal community.  I didn't just focus on what my
      father said we was, I check all of them, and there is nothing.

      Also, as you've heard stories of Indian lineage, I am curious as to
      what your mother's name is...you did not state that, or any names
      for that matter. 

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