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Searching for Co. Galway Cassidys (Cornamona/Dooros)

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  • Stephen Cassidy
    Greetings Cassidys and friends: I m searching for my lost Cassidys. Actually, I know who they are; I m just at a dead end in the 1850 s. They lived on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 23, 2006
      Greetings Cassidys and friends:

      I'm searching for my lost Cassidys. Actually, I know who they are;
      I'm just at a dead end in the 1850's. They lived on the Dooros
      Peninsula that juts 7 miles into Lake Corrib, the largest lake in
      the Republic close to Joyces Country in Galway County and next to
      the border with Mayo.

      The largest nearby town is Cong (known for Ashford Castle and
      where the movie the Quiet Man was filmed); Clonbur is closer but
      smaller than Cong. At the top of the peninsula is the village of

      My great, great grandfather was James Cassidy and his family lived in
      the middle of the peninsula. From the 1901 census, the parish was
      Cong, the barony Ross, the townland Dooros, and the district
      electoral division was Cong. James had already died, but his wife,
      Sarah Cassidy, was the head of the household. She was born in 1843,
      and James was born about the same time. Sarah Cassidy's maiden name
      was Coyne. Sarah and James had 4 children; James, the oldest son, is
      my great grandfather.

      Only James married, and he came to America and lived in Saratoga
      Springs, New York. My grandfather (John) and father (Paul) lived in
      Saratoga Springs.

      The other children of Sarah and James were Michael, Mary and John.
      Michael and Mary lived on the farm on Dooros (which often has various
      spellings, including Doras) until their deaths around 1950. Then the
      farm passed to Bridget Coyne and later her son, Tommie, who lives
      there now with his wife Josephine. Tommy comes from the same Coyne
      family as Sarah Coyne Cassidy born in 1843.

      I'm looking for other Cassidys that lived in the area and in
      particular on the Dooros Peninsula. I found a reference to a Diana
      Cassidy in the 1850's on land valuation records living there. I
      assume I'm related to her, but don't know the precise connection. I
      looked at the local parish records, visited the records center in
      Galway City (where I obtained the marriage license for Sarah and
      James Cassidy), the National Archives and Land Valuation Office in
      Dublin. I don't know how to go back any further.

      I'm also be interested if anyone has insight into the migration
      around Ireland of the Cassidys (which also could be an interesting
      article for the Cassidy Clan website which I operate). Thanks for
      any assistance.

      Finally, the next Cassidy Clan Rally will be August 2008 in County
      Fermanagh. Details and photos of past rallies are on the Clan
      website: www.cassidyclan.org

      Stephen Cassidy
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