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Re: crockada got your message translated with my little dictionary

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  • sylcass37
    ... gaelic ... words ... of ... computer ... know ... adverbs ... What jibberish! Please Learn Gaeilge properly - you can t even spell NOUN corectly in
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2008
      --- In officialcassidyclan@yahoogroups.com, "judiann22"
      <judiann22@...> wrote:
      > Ni gabh go an cruinniuna Caisideck a FerManagh seo Samrad.
      > Ni airgead go cuil!
      > Ta agam maith aimsir. jd
      > It is easy to pick up a language if you live in a land where it is
      > spoken but the Americans have never heard of the gael let alone
      > even though some of the words in english are original gaelic.
      > What happens over here is they send us phrases which are not the
      > spoken in irish but the english idea of a proper sentance. therfore
      > unless the person has a perfect photogenic memory for phrases none
      > it amkes sence and is therefore not remembered by our personal
      > brain which records this as jibberish and only the brain doctors
      > what is done with it as they tell us we dont discard material till
      > after death.
      > Keep sending nowns and verb I am not ready for ajectives and
      > that at is probaly not correct it could be do ferr jd

      What jibberish! Please Learn Gaeilge properly - you can't even spell
      NOUN corectly in english. Gaelic is not translated directly from
      English -it is a completely different language. For instance 'woman'
      is 'bean': 'amadach' means 'stupid' so when you say 'the woman is
      stupid' you say in gaelic 'is amadach i an bhean'. Man = fear: big =
      mor, so 'The big man = An fear mor'. Note that the noun comes before
      the adjective.
      Please get a good Grammar Book! or get a good Muinteoir Ghaeilge!!
      Slan, S. O Casaide, Poblacht na hEireann
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