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Re: [oduac] recap

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  • Robert West
    I had a pretty good time last night I have to say. The animes we watched were pretty cool, and the rules seem easy enough to follow so that shouldnt be a
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 1, 2002
      I had a pretty good time last night I have to say. The
      animes we watched were pretty cool, and the rules seem
      easy enough to follow so that shouldnt be a problem.
      Just FYI whenever we have parties or lockdowns or
      whatnot I dont drink at all. I get sick really quickly
      with alchol, so if there's a need for a D. driver I'd
      be happy to be it. And please just a request dont try
      to get me to drink because I wont change my mind about
      it. Also we I remember someone needed help with
      something. I cant remember what it was but I might be
      able to help. I'd just need to know when and where it
      is at. I cant promsie anything but If Im able to I

      --- onemysteriousguy <camaxtli-uller@...> wrote:
      > hey everyone: Not all of you were there tonight for
      > the
      > buisness meeting, and Brain I am sorry i made it
      > seem like i aimed
      > much of it at you, I didn't mean to. but here is a
      > brief recap:
      > 1) club structure, and command structure
      > 2) funds, where they come from and how to access
      > them for club
      > events.
      > 3) PERSONAL CONDUCT: this is something that is
      > important in all
      > places not just the club
      > a) in meetings: NO LAPTOPS will be allowed
      > unless for display of
      > content to be voted on for the web site and that
      > will be designated
      > BEFORE the meeting
      > b) in meetings: no horse play, some joking is
      > good but buisness
      > MUST be done so let rachel deal with the meeting
      > agenda and then after
      > we'll have fun!
      > they are not your
      > home, for the lockin I'm sure there wouldn't be a
      > proble taking shoes
      > off but PLEASE wear socks if you think you might.
      > d) Viewings: will be scheduled and there WILL
      > unless of a technical natured problem (tape gets
      > eaten or what not)
      > e) lockins: just that locked in till the next
      > day atleast! no
      > leaving unless emergency etc... i'm sure exceptions
      > will be CONSIDERED
      > but they must be arranged in advance. AND
      > through the windows!!!!
      > f) lockins: food will be arranged, anything
      > brought in should be
      > labled and don't touch if it isn't club or yours.
      > g) Webb center: NO ROUGHHOUSING, take it
      > outside so the cops can
      > deal with it
      > 4) alchol is permitted but we must be careful about
      > it
      > 5) NO PORN! HENTAI, ETCHI (or how ever it's
      > spelled) or what not,
      > NOTHING ON ODU PROPERTY, leave it at home, if
      > requested for showing it
      > will be denied.
      > anyways.... anyquestions: look at the constitution
      > in the files
      > section. or ask, you won't be ridiculed if you need
      > to email someone
      > with the question we'll deal with it.
      > laters
      > Jon
      > ps: rachel or anyone with info that i missed on this
      > recap, post about
      > it or let me know i will post it. laters

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