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ASIA: SIA crash: Death toll now 79; Breakdown of passengers

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    *** Contact numbers *** Contact numbers extracted from various reports ... http://straitstimes.asia1.com.sg/breakingnews/sia_1101.html Relatives of the
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                 *** Contact numbers ***

      Contact numbers extracted from various reports


      Relatives of the passengers are advised to call this hotline for further
      information: (65) 542 3311.


      If you have a relative or friend on board SQ 006, call 7378700
      or email stlocal@...


      The MFA Consular 24 hour hotline was also immediately activated and the
      number to call is 332-0000.

      [YW: MFA = Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs]


      Singapore Airlines said a London hotline for relatives had been set up on
      020 8563 6767.


      Singapore Airlines has set up a U.S. hotline for relatives seeking
      information about the crash.
      The toll-free number is 1-800-828-0508.

      It also has information on its Web site, www.singaporeair.com.


      Nov 1, 2000
      Updated at 4:45pm

      Crash toll rises to 79

      TAIPEI -- The death toll from the crash of a Singapore Airlines jet at
      Taiwan's international airport rose to 79 on Wednesday, with all passengers
      accounted for, aviation officials said.

      Seventy-six people were killed instantly when the Boeing 747 plunged to the
      ground and burst into flames shortly after take-off on Tuesday night and a
      pregnant woman died in hospital from her injuries, they said.

      Of the other 102 passengers and crew on board, 58 were still in hospital.

      Survivors said Flight SQ006 appeared to strike something as it took off at
      about 11.18pm Singapore time, then plunged to the runway and exploded. The
      plane was carrying 159 passengers, including 47 Americans, and 20 crew
      members on a flight that originated in Singapore.
      -- AP, AFP



      Channel News Asia

      Nov 1, 2000   04:03 PM

      SIA Crash: Conflicting reports on death toll

      Conflicting reports over the casualty figure given by Singapore Airlines
      and Taiwan were brought up at the latest news conference given by SIA at

      SIA still has its official death toll at 68 while Taiwanese officials say
      the figure is higher, at 78.

      The answer to this discrepancy probably lies in the number of people
      unaccounted for.

      SIA spokesman Rick Clements said the condition of 12 people is still
      unknown, indicating that the airline is not ready to give up hope that
      those missing may have survived the crash.

      Taiwanese reports did not mention any numbers for passengers that are
      unaccounted for.

      Taiwan aviation officials, saying the final death toll from the crash was
      78, also said that all bodies had been recovered.

      "There are 78 dead, 16 escaped injury, and 85 were hospitalised," an
      official with the Civil Aeronautics Administration of Taiwan told

      The Los Angeles-bound flight, SQ006, was carrying 179 people, including 20
      crew, when it crashed in a fireball at 11.18 pm local time on Tuesday.

      Rescue workers pulled the last bodies from the wreckage on Wednesday
      morning, about 12 hours after the airliner crashed in the middle of a
      typhoon, a Taiwan official said.

      Meanwhile, flights into Taipei have been diverted because of bad weather,
      including the plane that departed Singapore at 6.30 am with 130 SIA support
      staff on board.

      The plane is now in Hong Kong.

      And the plane due to fly at 11am has also been delayed, which also means
      that more family members of passengers have been able to get aboard.

      The updated number is now 48 relatives.

      A team of investigators from the United States' National Transportation and
      Safety Board are also on their way to Taiwan, as well as a team of
      representatives from American plane makers Boeing.

      They will be looking closely at the technical and flight aspects of the



      Channel News Asia

      Nov 1, 2000  04:03 PM

      SIA crash: Breakdown of passengers

      The SIA has given a breakdown of passengers aboard the ill-fated SQ006

      More males than females were aboard the Boeing 747-400 that crashed in
      Taipei Tuesday night.

      Of the 159 passengers and 20 crew on board, 104 are males and 67 females.

      These include three infants and a male child.

      The gender of eight people was unconfirmed.

      The nationalities of passengers on board are: 11 Singaporeans; 11 Indians;
      5 Indonesians, 8 Malaysians, 4 Mexicans, 2 New Zealanders, 55 Taiwanese; 2
      Thais; 4 Britons; 47 Americans; 2 Vietnamese; and one citizen each from
      Australia; Canada; Cambodia; Germany; Japan; the Philippines; Irelend; and
      the Canary Islands.

      Of the 20 crew members, 17 are Singaporeans, 2 Taiwanese and the captain of
      the flight is a Malaysian.

      Among the Singaporeans on board is Mrs Elma Thwaites, mother of Singapore
      Turf Club horse-trainer Malcom Thwaites.

      Channel NewsAsia understands Mr Thwaites had sent his mother off on
      Tuesday, and is now on his way to Taipei.

      His secretary said Mrs Thwaites was going to visit her daughter in Los

      Another Singaporean passenger is Dr Sung Kah Kay, assistant professor at
      NUS Department of Computer Science.

      Channel NewsAsia understands he's scheduled to present a paper at a
      multimedia conference in Los Angeles and due to be back in Singapore on


      Special report on crash of Flight SQ006
      < http://www.channelnewsasia.com/sq006


      You'll find a list of all the passengers aboard SQ006, video clips of news
      conferences and a bulletin board where you can post condolences.



      Nov 1, 2000

      Singaporeans on the flight

      SINGAPORE Airlines has confirmed that 68 people have died in the the crash
      of flight SQ 006 in Taipei last night.

      In a statement to the media this morning, the airline gave the names of
      Singaporeans on the flight --

      Singaporean cabin crew members: Amir Bin Husin, Anandan Surash, Ang Miau
      Lee, Chew Sou May Ann Marie, Chia Jong Kai Simon, Chua Mei Fung, Chua Puay
      Hiang, Farzana Bte Abdul Razak, Goh Boon Hwee, Isnin Bin Mohamed Sohot, Koh
      Hwee Khim, Latiff Cyrano, Lee Kok Heng, Lim Beng Hoong, Ng Kheng Leng,
      Shahrin Shah Bin Kamarshah, Tay Kiok Cheng

      Singaporean passengers: Ang Ming Chuang, Chok Fook Kiong, Lim Kim Hock, Lim
      Lay Har, Neo Lee Keow, Ng Siok Chin, Sung Kah Kay, Elaine Tan Whee Ling,
      Tan Yip Thong, Tee Seok Choo, Elma Thwaite

      The airline also gave a breakdown by nationality of the 159 passengers.
      There are 11 Singaporeans, 55 Taiwanese, 47 Americans, 11 Indian nationals,
      eight Malaysians, five Indonesians, four Mexicans, four British nationals,
      two Thai nationals, two New Zealanders, two Vietnamese and one passenger
      each from Australia, Canada, Cambodia, Germany, Japan, the Philippines, The
      Republic of Ireland and the Canary Islands.

      The captain of the ill-fated flight, Malaysian C.K Foong, has more than
      11,000 hours of flying experience, the airline said.

      Relatives of the passengers are advised to call this hotline for further
      information: (65) 542 3311.

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