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  • pbarnesocic
    Dear Friends of the OCIC, Today I posted a number of articles on Islam, including two chapters from Serge Trifkovic s new book Defeating Jihad. I think this
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 28, 2006
      Dear Friends of the OCIC,

      Today I posted a number of articles on Islam, including two chapters from Serge Trifkovic's new book Defeating Jihad.  I think this is the best book on Islam to date. Every adult should read this book in order to understand the threat of Islam per se, not just "radical Islam" (as opposed to the mythical "peace-loving nature of 'true' Islam").

      Dr. Trifkovic, a courageous Serbian Orthodox Christian, is a leading authority on Islam. This is the sequel to his first book on Islam, Sword of the Prophet, also published by Regina Orthodox Press.

      Pray for Dr. Trifkovic and his publisher, Frank Schaeffer, who could be putting their lives at risk for daring to tell the truth about Islam.In Christ,

      Patrick Barnes (patrick@...)

      + + +

      • Jihad: Chapter 3 from Defeating Jihad, by Serge Trifkovic.
      • London's Bombs and Sleepwalkers: Chapter 8 from Defeating Jihad, by Serge Trifkovic.
      • Islam and Women: The Christian Science Monitor's Distortion and the Reality, by Srdja (Serge) Trifkovic. This article mentions an important Islamic practice called taqiyya. As Dr. Trifkovic notes on p. 288 in Defeating Jihad, "Islam not only allows, but mandates lying to "infidels" in order to gain political or any other advantage (i.e. Taqiyya,the concealment of one's Islamic beliefs to non-Muslims)." In other words, you should seriously doubt anything a Muslim says about his beliefs if they run contrary to what you know is clearly taught in the Koran. This is something that the pro-Islam elites of our day do not understand or are not willing to admit. They swallow the "Islam is a peaceful religion" rhetoric, and have the resources and clout to foist this view on the masses who are still largely ignorant of the Islamic threat.
      • Jihad's Fellow Travelers, by Serge Trifkovic.
      • Can a Pious Muslim Become a Loyal American?, by Serge Trifkovic.
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