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Many New Additions to the Orthodox Christian Information Center!

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  • pbarnesocic
    Dear Friends of the OCIC, Evlogeite! Today is a major update, with more to come soon. Asking for your prayers, Your servant in Christ, Patrick Barnes ...
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 11, 2007
      Dear Friends of the OCIC,

      Evlogeite! Today is a major update, with more to come soon.

      Asking for your prayers,

      Your servant in Christ,

      Patrick Barnes


      September 28/October 11, St. Chariton the Confessor, Abbot of Palestine.

      • Marriage: The Great Sacrament, by Archimandrite Aimilianos of Simonopetra, Mount Athos. This is an excerpt from The Church at Prayer: The Mystical Liturgy of the Heart. Many consider this to be the best statement on Orthodox marriage they've ever read.
      • Excerpts from Family Life, by by Elder Paisio the Athonite. This is a selection of passages translated by Fr. Luke Hartung, never before seen in English. It is a work-in-progress.
      • Confession and Repentance: A Talk Given by Fr. Josiah Trenham at the 2006 Antiochian Clergy Conference (Diocese of the West).
      • Interpretation of the Prayer - Lord, have Mercy!. An excerpt from the fifth volume of the Philokalia (not yet published).
      • Homily for the Sunday of Orthodoxy, Given in the Cathedral of Trebinje, 2007, by the Most Reverend Atanasije, Retired Bishop of Zahumlje and Herzegovina.
      • Deaconnesses. From The Veil, Pascha 1998.
      • Holy Monastery of the Pantokrator, Thessaloniki, Greece. A wealth of traditional articles and books!
      • The Papacy and Its Unholy State: A Worldwide Wake-up Call to Orthodox Leaders, By Raphael Masterjohn, from "The Light of Orthodoxy," Vol. 1, No. 1 (07/15/2007).
      • Ecumenism and the Orthodox Church, by Protopresbyter Theodore Zissis. This article by one of the foremost theologians and professors in Greece rightly criticizes the 2006 meeting in Constantinople of Patriarch Bartholomew and Pope Benedict XVI.
      • Ostrov (The Island), (DVD) NTSC version with English subtitles (2006)0. I keep running into people that have never heard of this movie, let alone seen it. This is a must-see Orthodox movie! Ecumenical News International wrote: "Patriarch Alexei II, and other senior clerics, praised Ostrov for its profound depiction of faith and monastic life. Addressing a church conference on 29 January, the Patriarch called Ostrov a 'vivid example of an effort to take a Christian approach to culture'." Here's a good review of the movie by Fr. Stephen Freeman.
      • Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West (DVD)0. This movie was released September 11, 2007. Buy a copy or two and share with friends. Help the West wake up to the reality of Islam. Yes, there are moderate Muslims; but there is no moderate Islam! Learn more about why we are not at "war with (nebulous) terror," but rather at war with an imperialist political ideology that is Islam.
      • Days Made of Fear (DVD), Ninoslav Randjelovic. This is an important collection of short documentary films on war-torn Kosovo. Buy this video and help spread the word about the tragic things that have happened, and are still happening, to the suffering Orthodox people in this Serbian Holy Land. To order contact Most Holy Theotokos Church, 2148 Michelson Dr., Irvine, CA 92612.

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