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4109Horrible weather!

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  • David
    Apr 3, 2005
      Hi everybody....

      Did everyone survive the weather? To remind you all, that on Saturday
      May 7th will be the next and final nude swim social at Spa 2 in
      Paramus. The weather caused everyone to stay home...only 70 people
      attended, which I heard from other members. Remember....you must be a
      member of Tri State Sun Club, NJ Naturally, AANR, TNS, or Long Island
      Travasuns to attend. The admission is 20 dollars for TSSC members, and
      25 for members of other clubs.
      Remember....May 7th....7:30pm....Spa 2 in Paramus! You must bring two
      towels, and a combination lock for the locker room. In the meantime,
      please continue to spread the word to all young men and
      women....twenties and thirties. Teenagers also. We all hope the final
      social that weekend will be a blast. SPREAD THE WORD!!
      Hope to see you all there in a few weeks!!