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OCDAC Newsletter January 21, 2007

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    Dear Friends, While it appears to many of us that our services to the deaf and disability communities is a thankless job, we have been getting a lot of thanks
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      Dear Friends,

      While it appears to many of us that our services to the deaf and
      disability communities is a thankless job, we have been getting a lot
      of thanks for our work. The thanks we have been getting so far
      unfortunately has not been very visible to the public. People have
      been sending us donations and buying things, LOTS OF THINGS, through
      our ebay store and catalog. Our weekly sales through our ebay store
      has gone beyond the $2,000 mark and that could be a beautiful
      suggestion that our society is showing enormous thanks for our good deeds.

      We have also been very busy expanding our operations, getting the
      grant proposals and RFP's done and submitted, going to chamber of
      commerce meetings. And this is one of the few reasons our newsletter
      frequency has sort of spaced out. The county is going to hire another
      person to work in our office soon and hopes that frees up more time.
      Also be mindful that editor was also elected as his condominium's
      assiciation's superintendent last October and that added the
      responsibilities equivalent to that of an apartment manager to his hands.

      We have been getting calls about some of the editor's youtube videos.
      The editor made those youtube videos for a good reason, to educate
      the public of the dark side of the California state system that
      finances the deaf social service programs. Much work needs to be done
      to eliminate the collusions that remain within the state deaf services
      funding program and the videos are already getting their attention.

      Congratulations and kudos goes to the Deaf Life Magazine for their
      bold comeback!

      We also are getting calls for Disneyland tickets as well, we had plans
      for a deaf day at Disneyland but it was scrapped.

      We are getting ourselves ready for the big education campaign of 2007
      with the kickoff at the Orange County Mixer in March.

      We now have 14 month 2007 English-Spanish-ASL calendars for sale now.
      Check our ebay catalog item
      and they make great gifts.!

      We also have a huge stock of American Sign Language Alphabet Placemats
      this year we wont run out like we did last year.
      and they also make great gifts too.

      Do your shopping at our eBay store today! Lots of NEW products for
      the deaf, and blind, and other disabilities. We also have products
      for people with Cochlear Implants and people who need FM systems.
      Remember your parents, grand parents, brothers, sisters, family
      members, co-workers who need adaptive equipment. Employers can shop
      here for equipment and accessories for their hearing impaired workers.
      Stop by http://stores.ebay.com/OCDAC-Adaptive-Equipment-and-More
      today to start your shopping.

      OCDAC Communications

      -------------< INSIDE NEWS >

      With our subscribership from the international communities increasing
      at a steady pace, we wish to make this newsletter accessible to them
      and the easiest way to accomplish this is by directing them to
      http://www.babelfish.altavista.com/ and entering
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ocdacnewsletter/ in the website
      translation box and the babelfish will help our international
      subscribers become strong advocates for the deaf and disability

      This weekly newsletter is now available in print form to be mailed out
      each week. The price is going to be $90 per year for the print
      version and the price is highly reasonable due to it's very rich deaf
      and disability advocacy content and very little advertising. This
      still beats out the other deaf print news that are chock full of
      distracting advertisements. They are now available in other
      alternative formats like floppies, braille, and in large print for
      people with vision impairments. For more information, please email

      Our Campbell's product label collection campaign to help us raise the
      means to get supplies for our office is producing results. Start
      saving your Campbells product labels today and mail them to us on the
      first week of each month. We have aproximately 1600 subscribers and
      if each one of them accumulates and sends us 900-1000 labels a month,
      we'd be able to get lots of new equipment for our office and internal
      and external education programs! Lets get those labels coming. Our
      big thanks to those who sent in their labels.

      -------------< ANNOUNCEMENT >

      Take a look and bookmark our new search page!
      http://www.deafadvocacy.org/search.html It's a good source of
      information you can use.

      -------------< OUTSIDE NEWS PART 1/3 >

      Congratulations Money Follow the Person Awardees.

      On January 11, 2007, CMS announced the 17 States that were awarded
      "first round" Money Follows the Person (MFP) grants. Congratulations!

      CMS stated that "for too long people had to follow the money," and now
      Medicaid money can follow the people. These 17 MFP awardees are
      expected to "reinvest the savings [from the institutions] into
      community-based services" and to have "annual rebalancing benchmarks."

      These 17 States will receive more than $23 million in FY 07 and will
      be eligible for more than $900 million federal dollars over the next 5
      years. These funds will help 25,000 disabled and elderly persons
      leave institutions, return to the community, and receive appropriate
      Medicaid funded services in their own homes. CMS emphasized that the
      winning States addressed a broad range of people with disabilities,
      people with "complex needs," people with developmental disabilities,
      elderly persons, persons with dual diagnoses and others.

      CMS stated that the MFP grants will help States "level the playing
      field by eliminating barriers in the community" and "expand choice"
      for persons who want to live in the community.

      CMS publicly recognized ADAPT's and NCIL's extraordinary hard work in
      both convincing Congress to allocate the $1.75 billion for MFP and in
      urging and working with States during the application process.

      Now the work really begins in those 17 States. Over the next 12
      months, you and your State must flesh out "Operational Protocols"
      answering how the program will be implemented. Disability and elderly
      advocates have the expertise in transitioning persons from
      institutions to the community. You know the real problems people will
      face. Get to the table.

      The 17 winning States are: WI, NY, WA, CN, MI, OKL, ARK, MARYLAND,


      Another 21 States applied for MFP but, according to CMS, need to
      "refine their application" with "more specificity." As far as we can
      tell, as a general matter, CMS correctly did not award these 21 States
      a first round grant because CMS wants (a) more details on how these
      21States will "rebalance" their institutional versus community
      Medicaid expenditures/services and (b) more specific benchmarks
      regarding the numbers of persons who will be transitioned out of the

      As disability and elderly advocates, this information is critical for
      us, too. By January 22, 2007, CMS will notify these 21 States
      regarding the specific additional information required in order to win
      "second round" MFP grants. These States will have 30 days to respond
      and CMS expects to announce late March which of these 21 States will
      be "second round" MFP winners.

      CMS did not identify these 21 States. Did your State apply for MFP's
      "enhanced federal match" grants? Did disability and elderly advocates
      participate in writing the MFP proposal? Will you, on 1/22, be able to
      learn what CMS wants from your State? Will you be able to assist your
      State in responding to CMS?

      We had heard rumors that some States submitted very nonspecific MFP
      applications just to placate disability and elderly advocates in their
      State. You should get a copy of the 1/21CMS letter to your State
      Medicaid office so you can know specifically what CMS wants to know.
      This letter is a great opportunity for disability and elderly
      advocates to get to the table with your State's Medicaid officials and
      discuss rebalancing your Medicaid budget.

      OH, you want to know about the remaining13 States that DID NOT EVEN
      APPLY FOR MFP! Those 13 States apparently care so little about the
      unnecessary institutionalization of its disabled and elderly citizens
      that they did not even apply for the extra federal monies. Shame on
      these 13 States!

      Do you know if your State falls in the 13 State did not apply category?

      What are the disability and elderly advocates going to do about these

      If you know specific persons in nursing facilities who want out, what
      are you going to do about it? Has your Medical Assistance Director
      ever met a nursing home resident who wants to live at home? Remember

      Steve Gold, The Disability Odyssey continues



      The Orange County American Sign Language Meetup Group -
      http://asl.meetup.com/37/ - and the he Orange County Deaf & Hearing
      Impaired Meetup Group http://deaf.meetup.com/38/ meets each 3rd
      Fridays of the month.

      Come to our meetup on February 16, 2006.

      The Orange County American Sign Language & Orange County Deaf &
      Hearing Impaired Meetup.

      Friday, February 16, 7:00 PM

      The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
      17595 Harvard Ave #B
      Irvine, CA
      (949) 660-1332

      Meet the 2 meetups


      Oral Deaf Orange County Club

      Come to our meetup on Tuesday February 6, 2007.

      Oral Deaf Orange County Club

      Tuesday, February 6, 7:00 PM

      Natále Coffee
      2801 W. MacArthur A2
      Santa Ana, CA

      -------------< ANNOUNCEMENT >

      See what we offer at Ebay!

      -------------< DEAF GRAPEVINE >

      Deaf Life's Magazine's Comeback
      The "Unity for Gallaudet" protest generated a lot of multimedia
      coverage and commentary, including dedicated Websites and blogs. Among
      other features, their January 2007 issue contains an exclusive
      timeline of the protest, and a "farewell" interview with Dr. I. King
      Deaf Life Magazine is the only colorful magazine with news and stories
      and information about the deaf community.

      -------------< BULLETIN >

      Top Cities in Disability Friendliness, Outreach

      Berkeley, CA, and Chicago, IL, have been chosen as the winner and
      runner-up in the sixth annual Accessible America Contest, the National
      Organization on Disability (NOD) announced today. The cities are being
      heralded as national models for innovative programs to promote
      community inclusion of people with disabilities.

      The Accessible America Contest, administered by NOD's Community
      Partnership Program, is sponsored by generous grants from UPS and

      Other 2006 contest finalists were: Alexandria, VA; Bloomington, IN;
      Indianapolis, IN; Louisville, KY; Miami Beach, FL; New Haven, CT; San
      Francisco, CA; and Sioux Falls, SD.

      Berkeley will receive the top prize of $25,000 sponsored by UPS. Their
      best practices included the nation's first universally designed
      affordable housing development; a comprehensive transportation
      program, an outstanding emergency preparedness planfor people with
      disabilities, and a self-imposed tax to fund some of their disability

      Chicago, as runner-up, will receive a Wal-Mart sponsored cash award of
      $10,000. Chicago was chosen for a variety of programs that help
      incorporate people with disabilities in community life, included
      rewriting of the city building code to mandate adaptable and visitable
      requirement in privately and governmentally owned and financed units;
      the creation of a Mayoral Task Force on Employment of People with
      Disabilities; a certification program for business enterprises owned
      and operated by people with disabilities.

      The award money will be presented at forthcoming ceremonies to
      theMayor in each of the winning cities and is intended to fund local
      disability-related efforts.

      Previous Accessible America first-place winners include: Cambridge,
      MA, Venice, FL; Irvine, CA; Phoenix, AZ; and Pasadena,CA. Honorable
      mentions have gone to Austin, TX, and West Hollywood, CA.

      The finalists were judged by five leading national disability
      advocates and experts. Accessible America applicants demonstrate an
      exceptional commitment to offering their citizens with disabilities
      full and equal opportunities to participate in the life of their
      communities, including access to jobs, education, religious worship,
      voting, transportation, housing, emergency preparedness planning, and
      services. The Accessible America Contest promotes nationwide
      replication of these best practices.

      For information about entering the 2007 Accessible America
      Competition, contact Mr. Rik Opstelten at 202/293-5960. The deadline
      is October 31, 2007. Additional information is available online at

      -------------< ANNOUNCEMENT >

      Take a look and bookmark our new search page!
      http://www.deafadvocacy.org/search.html It's a good source of
      information you can use.

      -------------< OUTSIDE NEWS PART 2/3 >

      From the Desk of Day Al-Mohamed, Director of Advocacy and Governmental

      January 11, 2007

      Yesterday afternoon, the House of Representatives passed the Fair
      Minimum Wage Act of 2007 (H.R. 2) by a vote of 315 to 116. The bill
      raises the minimum wage from $5.15 per hour to $7.25 per hour over the
      next two years and two months. This would take place in three stages:
      to $5.85 an hour 60 days after being signed into law by the president,
      to $6.55 a year later and then to $7.25 the following year. According
      to a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV.), a vote
      in the Senate is not expected until the end of next week.

      Of particular note, and perhaps as an opportunity for future action,
      are the following comments made by Representative English (PA) they
      can be found in yesterdays Congressional Record:

      Today, we have an opportunity to raise the minimum wage, but because
      of the procedural restrictions we face on the floor some are going to
      be left behind and that is particularly disappointing.

      While H.R. 2 will provide a $2.10 raise for American workers, sadly,
      it fails to take into account many Americans with disabilities who are
      in our workforce. These are disabled Americans who receive SSI
      disability benefits who are active participants in the workforce and
      maintaining jobs that give them great satisfaction. Unfortunately,
      they are left behind because, currently, SSI beneficiaries are limited
      to $900 per month in order to remain eligible to receive benefits. If
      the wage hike under consideration today goes into law without raising
      an earnings limit for people on SSI, Americans with disabilities
      engaged in full-time employment would either potentially lose their
      benefits or have to cut back on their hours. That is a decision they
      shouldn't have to make.

      Mr. Speaker, this is not only a disincentive to work, it is a woefully
      shortsighted policy, which hopefully we will be able to correct before
      this law goes into effect.

      I introduced H.R. 290 which would ensure that workers with
      disabilities would not lose their payments through raising the
      earnings limitation on SSI. I wasn't able to offer that provision
      today because no amendments are being allowed. The result,
      unfortunately, is, having barred Republicans from having offered this
      change as an amendment, the majority has created as real victims not
      House Republicans but Americans with disabilities. And that is a shame.

      Although an increase in the minimum wage is critical, and I strongly
      support this bill, I sincerely hope that the new majority will move
      ultimately to rectify this inequity in this Congress.

      Day Al-Mohamed
      Director of Advocacy and Governmental Affairs
      American Council of the Blind
      1155 15th St. NW
      Washington DC 20005
      Tel. 202-467-5081

      -------------< DEAF QUOTES >

      "I do know that there are a lot of deaf people that feel as if a deaf
      person should be treated just as a hearing person."
      Rick Norris, Communication Service for the Deaf

      -------------< ANNOUNCEMENT >

      Do you shop at Albertsons or Sav-on stores? You can get a free
      community partners card at those stores and then add it to our list of
      supporters. A percent of what you buy will go to helping our Deaf
      youth program. If you already have a school or other program that you
      are supporting, don't worry, you can add your card to support our
      program too! It doesnt cost you anything more than your purchases to
      be a supporter. There are two ways to add your card. You can email
      your First and Last name with your phone number and community partners
      card number to ocdac@... or you can download and print
      our Albertsons / Sav-on Community Partners signup forms at
      http://www.deafadvocacy.org/community/AlbertsonsSignup.pdf and have
      your friends, neighbors, associates, and relatives sign up as
      supporters and then mail the form to the address on the form. To reach
      our funding goal we need 25,000 supporters who shop at Albertsons /
      Sav-on. And remember to use your community partners card when you shop
      at Albertsons or Sav-on.

      -------------< COMMUNITY BULLHORN >

      Middle States Commission on Higher Education
      3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-2680
      Phone: 267-284-5000 Fax: 215-662-5501 www.msache.org
      Report to the Faculty, Staff, Students, and Administration
      of Gallaudet University
      by a Team Representing
      the Middle States Commission of Higher Education
      Dr. Stephen Sweeny, President, College of New Rochelle, Team Chair
      Dr. David Rubino, Special Assistant to the President, Seton Hill
      Ms. Lisa Marsh Ryerson, President, Wells College
      accompanied by
      Ms. Linda Suskie, Vice President, MSCHE

      January 10-12, 2007

      Gallaudet University is a private liberal arts institution in
      Washington DC offering certificate/diploma, bachelor's, master's, and
      doctoral programs. Its primary mission is to serve the deaf and hard
      of hearing. In addition to its Washington campus, it operates Regional
      Centers at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida; Johnson County
      Community College in
      Overland Park, Kansas; Kapialani Community College in Honolulu,
      Hawaii; Northern Essex
      Community College in Haverhill, Massachusetts; and Ohlone College in
      Fremont, California. It
      has been accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher
      Education since 1957.
      The team is highly impressed with Gallaudet's extraordinary resources
      and magnificent facilities,
      which may well rank among the finest of any institution in the
      country. The team is also struck
      by Gallaudet's warm, nurturing environment; during the visit Gallaudet
      was repeatedly
      characterized as "home."

      This visit was conducted in response to action taken by the Middle
      States Commission on Higher
      Education on November 16, 2006, to acknowledge receipt of the Periodic
      Review Report and
      the staff-requested information report on governance and climate due
      November 9, 2006, to
      express serious concern regarding recent developments at the
      institution, to postpone a
      decision on accreditation, and to direct a small team visit by January
      12, 2007. The Commission
      acted further to request a supplemental information report, due by
      March 1, 2007, on (1) the
      effectiveness of shared governance including presidential search
      process, (2) nurturance of a
      climate that fosters respect among students, faculty, staff, and
      administration for a range of
      backgrounds, ideas, and perspectives, (3) mission review and
      implementation of a
      comprehensive institutional strategic plan, (4) implementation of a
      comprehensive enrollment
      management plan that addresses student recruitment, retention,
      graduation, and placement,
      (5) evidence of the academic rigor of the degrees offered, and (6)
      procedures for ensuring that
      changes and issues affecting the institution are disclosed accurately
      and in a timely manner to
      the Commission. An additional visit may follow submission of the
      supplemental information
      report. The Commission acted further to request a monitoring report,
      due by April 1, 2008,
      documenting (1) the institution's further response to recommendations
      from the 2001
      evaluation team report and (2) implementation of a documented,
      organized and sustained
      process to assess the achievement of institutional and program-level
      student learning goals that
      includes direct evidence of student learning.
      During its visit, the team met with:

      • Interim President Robert Davila and his staff
      • Interim Provost Michael Moore and his staff
      • The MSA planning committee
      • Representatives of the faculty and staff (with perhaps 200 or
      more in attendance)
      • Representatives of the students (with perhaps 100 in attendance)
      • The entire Board of Trustees

      The team thanks the Gallaudet University community, especially
      President Davila, Provost
      Moore, and their staffs, for their gracious hospitality in hosting
      this visit. The team is cognizant that this visit was scheduled at a
      particularly busy time, with the President formally assuming his
      position only one week earlier, with a high school basketball
      tournament and university student orientation occurring concurrently,
      and with Spring classes scheduled to begin the following week. The
      team is grateful to the entire University community for accommodating and
      actively participating in the visit at this time.

      The purpose of the visit was:

      • to convey personally the Commission's serious concern
      regarding recent events at
      Gallaudet University,
      • to explain the Commission's standards for accreditation,
      • to explain what is requested in the Supplemental Information
      Report due March 1,
      2007, and
      • to discuss potential Commission actions and the timeframe for
      them from this point

      During the visit, the team repeatedly expressed that the free, open,
      and unfettered exchange of
      ideas is the hallmark of an accredited institution. The team further
      stressed that closing an
      institution through protest, preventing or intimidating students from
      attending class, or
      precluding the open exchange of ideas brings the institution out of
      compliance with Middle
      States' accreditation standards, and any further such actions will
      have dire consequences in
      terms of accreditation.

      The team further observed that there is great fragmentation within the
      Gallaudet community
      regarding its mission, leading to concerns about the mission's
      viability, and the team urged the
      Gallaudet community to consider reviewing the mission.
      The team also observed that the shared governance structure is unclear
      and may be ineffective.
      The team therefore stressed the need for the University community to
      review and evaluate the
      effectiveness of its governance structure.

      The team further noted that Gallaudet's historic isolation from the
      rest of the higher education
      community has not served it well, especially in recent years when
      expectations and initiatives in
      higher education have changed dramatically. The team strongly
      encouraged the University to
      become a more active participant in the Middle States Association and
      other relevant higher
      education organizations.

      The team encouraged the Gallaudet community to use the preparation of
      the Supplemental
      Information Report as an opportunity for broad-based dialogue across
      the University community
      regarding the University's mission and to aim to develop a report that
      can be a template for an
      operational plan for the University over the coming 18-24 months.

      The team requests that Linda Suskie, Middle States staff liaison to
      Gallaudet University, visit
      Gallaudet after the Supplemental Information Report is submitted, to
      discuss and validate the
      Supplemental Information Report. Other individuals may accompany Ms.
      Suskie on this visit.

      -------------< OUTSIDE NEWS PART 3/3 >

      January 19, 2007

      Dear Friends and Colleagues:

      As chairperson of the National Council on Disability (NCD), I want to
      personally invite you and all our friends in the disability community
      to participate in our next quarterly meeting from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00
      p.m., January 29-31, 2007, at the Town and Country Resort and
      Convention Center, 500 Hotel Circle North, San Diego, California.

      We believe it is vital that NCD hear from disability communities
      around the country on what works and what does not for people with
      disabilities. We are delighted to have the opportunity to visit San
      Diego and learn first hand about the experiences of people with
      disabilities from Southern California. The entire 15 member NCD board
      will be present, including its California members Marco Rodriguez from
      Sacramento and Kathy Martinez from Oakland.

      Please save the date and do not miss this opportunity to meet NCD
      board members and staff and offer your comments during the public
      comment sessions on Monday and Tuesday.

      We are also having a special reception for the disability community on
      Tuesday night at the hotel. This is yet another great opportunity for
      us to meet you and hear your thoughts on the future.

      For your benefit, we are attaching a copy of the agenda. Some of the
      topics maybe of particular interest to you, especially the panel
      presentations on veterans, foster care, and livable communities. We
      will also have special guests from the White House and the U.S.
      Department of Defense, who will make special presentations.

      This looks to be an action packed agenda. We hope to see you at these
      events, which are open to the public and free of charge.

      John R. Vaughn


      January 29, 2007
      9:00 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.
      Public Comments
      Dinah Cohen
      Director, Department of Defense, Computer/Electronic Accommodations
      Program Presentation
      Veterans' Panel Presentation and Discussion
      12:30 P.M. - 2:00 P.M. Lunch
      2:00 P.M. - 2:45 P.M.
      Olegario D. Cantos, III, Associate Director for Domestic Policy, The
      White House, Presentation
      2:45 P.M. - 3:15 P.M.
      International Watch and U.N. Convention Discussion
      3:15 P.M. - 3:45 P.M.
      Veterans' Panel Follow-up Discussion

      January 30, 2007
      9:00 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.
      Public Comments
      Chairperson's Report
      Executive Committee Report
      Co-Acting Executive Directors' Reports
      Legislative Update
      Communications Update
      Finance Committee Report
      Team and Advisory Committee Reports
      Americans with Disabilities Team
      Employment Team
      Financial Incentives Team
      Progress Report Team
      Educational Outcomes Team
      Disability Data and Statistics Team
      Health Care Team
      Youth Advisory Committee
      Cultural Diversity Advisory Committee
      12:30 P.M. - 2:00 P.M. (Lunch)
      2:00 - 5:00pm
      Livable Communities Panel Presentation
      5:00 - 6:30 P.M.
      Reception - Open to the disability community.

      January 31, 2007
      9:00 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.
      Public Comments
      Foster Care Panel Presentation
      12:30 P.M. - 2:00 P.M. (Lunch)
      2:00 P.M. - 5:00 P.M.
      Continuing Business Session
      Unfinished Business
      New Business

      These meetings are open to the public and free of charge. The disability
      community is encouraged to attend and participate in the public comment
      sessions and the reception.

      For more information, please contact Mark Quigley at 202-272-2004 or
      202-272-2074 TTY.

      Mark S. Quigley
      Director of Communications
      National Council on Disability
      1331 F Street, NW Suite 850
      Washington, DC 20004
      -------------< LETTERS >

      Deaf High School Competition Offer Thousands of Dollars in Scholarships.

      What deaf high school competition has an opportunity to win $2,000 and
      two $1,000 scholarships to the student's choice of either National
      Technical Institute for the Deaf or Gallaudet University?

      It's definitely not sports. It could be the Spelling Bee competition
      but I believe only the state of Illinois does that and they give $100
      savings bond. You would think Gallaudet's Academic Bowl would have
      scholarship prizes but nope. It's the Deaf Teen America in its 9th
      year being hosted at Texas School for the Deaf during the dates of
      March 21st to 25th, 2007

      Based on the pictures of past Deaf Teen America, it seems that there
      are only 10/12 schools in the competition. This is a stunning low
      number to me because of the amazing scholarship awards that they offer.

      Now is the time to get your school, alma mater, or child involved with
      this and grab the scholarships. To get information packet - contact
      Jennifer Campero by e-mail at jennifer.campero@... or by
      phone at (512) 462-5461.

      Jennifer Campero

      -------------< EPILOG >

      If you wish to contribute to this newsletter, feel free to send in
      news, stories, and opinions relating to the disability community. Your
      support in this effort to move the disability community forward will
      be greatly appreciated. We will continue to aggressively pursue
      justice, fairness, and equality for the disability community as it has
      been doing since November 1996. We have chosen
      that EDUCATION is the best way to accomplish this objective.

      The Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center is a community based
      organization that puts people with disabilities first in their
      advocacy for equal opportunities in safety, health, and productive living.

      The Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center provides services for disabled
      individuals and their families in our community who need help in
      navigating the social services maze. Every day people go without
      proper food, shelter, and essential medical care every day due to a
      variety of factors including low wages, job loss, injuries, illness,
      age, domestic violence, or divorce. While all of us are susceptible to
      hard times, disabled individuals are at the most risk. With the
      generous support of people like you, we are able to help many of these
      families and individuals not only to meet essential daily needs, but
      to work toward a brighter future with programs in job training,
      education, counseling, elderly assistance, and temporary housing.

      Feel free to forward this email message to anyone and any of your
      personal mailing lists so we can get the important messages out far
      and wide and encourage them to sign up for our weekly newsletter.

      DISCLAIMER: The OCDAC Newsletter is designed to share information of
      interest to people with disabilities, their friends, associates, and
      relatives and promote advocacy in the disability community.
      Information circulated herein does not necessarily express the views
      of The Orange County Deaf Advocacy Center. The OCDAC Newsletter is
      non-partisan. OCDAC Newsletter does not sell advertising space.

      Fair use in teaching and research

      The 1976 Copyright Act provides important exceptions to the rights of
      the copyright holder that are specifically aimed at nonprofit
      educational uses of copyrighted works and libraries. Two provisions of
      the copyright statute are of particular importance to teachers and
      researchers: a provision that codifies the doctrine of "fair use,"
      under which limited copying of copyrighted works without the
      permission of the owner is allowed for certain teaching and research
      purposes; and provision that establishes special exemptions for the
      reproduction of copyrighted works by libraries and archives. The "fair
      use" doctrine embodied in the Fair-Use Statute Section 107 of the 1976
      Copyright Act, allows reproduction and other uses of copyrighted works
      under certain conditions for purposes such as criticism, comment, news
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