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    Mankoff: We are living and working in the midst of extraordinary changes in our concepts of the nature of humankind. Enough has been written in recent years
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      Mankoff: We are living and working in the midst of extraordinary
      changes in our concepts of the nature of humankind. Enough has been
      written in recent years about the seeming inadequacy of the
      scientific method to grapple with the enigma of the strange
      experiences related by the pioneers who are bringing back tales of
      not one or two, but literally dozens of other realities.

      Text: Johan Lindström
      Illustration: www.petersharpe.com

      C o n t e n t s

      1. The Polarization
      2. Three Paradigm Shifts in Parapsychology
      2.1 The Paradigm Shifts in Information Theory
      2.2 The New World Picture — the Bioplasmic Universe
      2.3 Near-Death- Experiences
      3. The Effects of the Paradigm Shifts on the Scientific Community
      3.1 The Impact of Ingo Swann
      3.2 Ingo Swann"s Perspective on Science and Society
      3.3 Stereotypes Within Consensus Realities
      3.4 The Present Trend in the Development of the Controversy



      1. The Polarization
      In the field of science there is a polarization between two
      perspectives on the source of knowledge:

      The Scientific Belief in the Objectivity of the Research Machine, in
      Contrast to the Guru's Foundation in Direct Experience.

      The Scientific perspective creates an attitude that can be called the
      prevailing "ghetthoization of parapsychology". This attitude is so
      strong within the "brotherhood" of professors that a person is
      risking his advancement possibilities if he shows his interest in

      "No, that must be a lie", said the naive man when he first saw a
      giraffe, "such animals do not exist". Rather close to this attitude
      comes the Swedish forensic psychologist, Nils Wiklund, in an article
      with the title: "The parapsychological phenomena do not exist", said
      in a debate article. He does not realize that he makes this statement
      as a presupposition before his reasoning. A logical consequence is
      that Wiklund is performing a single polar hypothesis test, comparable
      to fishing without bait on the hook, in order to prove that there is
      no fish in the lake.

      2. Three Paradigm Shifts in Parapsychology
      Actually, New Age started a hundred years ago, with Madame Blawatzky
      and her Secret Doctrine, but the real breakthrough came in the
      1970:ies with Ostrander's & Schröder's, Psychic Discoveries Behind
      the Iron Curtain (1970). Also KGB's bureau for Foreign Country
      Information ( i.e the spy bureau) and their research department for
      information theory made a great difference.

      2.1 The Paradigm Shifts in Information Theory
      This radical paradigm shift has developed within areas outside
      academic parapsychology (and psychology too). Below you will find a
      principal statement about this shift by Ingo Swann.

      During the last two years I've received an increase of media requests
      concerning ESP and related matters. It became apparent that the
      interests and requests were based in concepts of ESP, Psi and
      parapsychology that are broadly shared, but are outdated if viewed in
      juxtaposition to advances in other science areas.

      These other science areas have been in process of providing new facts
      and information relevant to various human processes that directly
      increase comprehension of ESP phenomena that have not yielded to a
      resolution in parapsychological terms.

      This new information is accumulating outside of parapsychology, but
      is not being incorporated into parapsychology in any significant way.

      A strange situation has thus resulted. A paradigm shift relevant
      to "Psi" is taking place outside of parapsychology.

      The most probable meaning of this paradigm shift external to
      parapsychology is that at least some significant part of
      parapsychology will soon become acknowledged as obsolete, being
      replaced by some kind of new perspective based on discovery in other
      scientific fields (Ingo Swann, 1997).

      Previously what was called "information Theory" was a purely formal
      and technical discipline, which was designed to calculate the signal
      capacity in a telephone cable, numbered in "bytes", i.e
      abstract "information units", but unable to find out anything about
      the meaning of the content of the message (information = knowledge)
      being sent in that cable.

      The founder of this theory, Shannon, points this out in his book. In
      spite of that this empty "information theory" has been used as a
      defence of the "scientificness" of many projects in psychology and
      other sciences. This is a kind of word magic or semantic witchcraft —
      clearly a cognitive pathology. This fact is pointed out by Dreyfus.

      2.2 The New World Picture — the Bioplasmic Universe
      One effect of bioplasma on an empirical level was discovered by the
      Russian laboratory technician Kirlian, who with the help of an
      electrified field around a human hand could show the presence of an
      aura around the fingertips, which could be photographed with a colour
      camera. It was the interaction between the electric field and the
      bioplasmic field adjacent to the skin that caused the light.

      Russian parapsychologists designed a sensor instrument which showed
      that the bioplasmic field comprises the whole of the living organism,
      but is unevenly distributed in lines and points. A comparisonwith the
      classical Chineese diagram of the acupuncture points showed good

      This discovery was further developed into an instrument for
      diagnosis. The Acu-points are magnetic poles in the bioplasmic field.
      The sensor has a wire to a measuring instrument. Every point shows a
      value, and if the needle is fluttering, that indicates a pathological
      process in the corresponding organ.

      Consequences for (para)psychological Research and Philosophy of
      Theoretical parapsychologists formulated the definition of bioplasma
      as the fusion between electromagnetism and information. Compare the
      genes, which are the fusion of amino acids and information. Bioplasma
      is a new reality component on the world picture level, with far-
      reaching consequences, not only for medicine, but also for all the
      mental sciences, psychotherapy and especially for the philosophy of

      Bioplasma is the merging between spirit and matter.

      A similar thought can be found at the Christian mystic and
      philosopher Nicolaus Cusanus (1401 – 1464) in his model of the
      relations between spirit and matter.

      This theory shows its strength and therapeutic power in an ex
      communist who suddenly saw the limits and gaps in materialism, and —
      inspired by "near -death-experiences " quit communism and developed a
      bioplasma based image of man. See below.

      It was during this period I read about paranormal experiments in the
      Soviet Union and other Socialist countries. These experiments opened
      my mind to the scientific possibility of "life after death" because
      they were conducted by atheistic scientists.

      What is meant by the term "life after death" is survival of
      consciousness, and until we know exactly what consciousness is and
      where it originates, we cannot rule out survival.

      Is our personality, our conscious being just a mass of brain cells
      which ceases to exist when they die, or is it something separate
      which exists independently of our brain and body? In essence, are our
      brains the root of our conscious beings or are they more like a radio
      receiver, a kind of remote control for our physical bodies if you

      The figure shows originally Cusanu's model of the relations between
      spirit and matter. Here spirit has been substitued for information
      and matter for electromagnetism. The intersection is bioplasma.

      From the diagram follows that information has aspects that are non-
      physical or "spiritual".

      Kirlian electronic field photography, a process developed in Russia,
      was able for the first time to show images of "auras" around all
      living things, very similar to those "seen" by mediums.

      The Soviet scientists called this aura "bioplasma". Experiments
      indicate it seems to survive damage to the body, and even death. The
      Kirlian image of a complete leaf has been produced even after part of
      it has been cut away. Corpses in a Moscow morgue continued to have
      an "aura" for about 36 hours in the case of peaceful deaths, but much
      longer in violent deaths, and in suicides the aura often hung around
      for weeks.

      Corpses in a Moscow morgue continued to have an "aura" for about 36

      Is this aura or bioplasma image the spirit or astral body mediums
      claim to see, and does it take longer for suicides and victims of
      violent death to adjust to their new situation and move on?

      In my view there is convincing evidence that our conscious self
      exists separately from our physical bodies. The most important volume
      of evidence concerns Out Of the Body Experiences (OBEs) reported from
      all round the world. It is all very well for sceptics to say these
      are hallucinatory visions caused by drugs administered in hospitals
      as death approaches or by lack of oxygen to the brain near death, but
      this simply does not correspond with the facts (Tony Papard).

      One such fact is the correct and controllable descriptions of the
      room for surgery or the place of accident that the witnesses can give
      from a time period after they lost their consciousness These reports
      require perception through some other channel than eyes and ears, and
      then there it is difficult to avoid the possibility of the
      parapsychic or spiritual "channel". Lack of oxygen in the brain can
      hardly explain the appearance of correct pictures. B

      Some of the religious philosophical consequences of the bioplasma
      theory are commented by a philosopher, Mankoff, who combines modern
      physics with classical occultism. This is a good example of serious
      New Age thinking, with a radically new message, presented with strict
      logics and a sense of "greater meaning".

      Humankind in Transition
      You, the central divinity of the countless lesser lives within you,
      at this moment, stand on the threshold of new knowledge. You are
      about to learn who you are, why you are here, and what you are to
      become in the centuries ahead. You are about to learn of the fact of
      your own divinity.

      We live in an age of transition. Nothing that has been, or is now,
      will ever be the same. Things are going "bump" in our psychological
      night. The classical psychologist is lying in the dark with his eyes
      wide open, listening, and more than a little uncertain about all
      those strange sounds that are coming to him.

      We are standing on the shore of a vast and unexplored sea, smug
      Balboas with our toes snuggled in the warm sand, about to be
      catapulted into a future in which humankind is the universe turned
      outside in, or the universe is humankind turned inside out.

      We know that dramatic things are happening, that we are living and
      working in the midst of extraordinary changes in our concepts of the
      nature of humankind. Enough has been written in recent years about
      the seeming inadequacy of the scientific method to grapple with the
      enigma of the strange experiences related by the pioneers who are
      bringing back tales of not one or two, but literally dozens of "other
      realities." It is unmistakably clear that humankind stands now on the
      threshold of a new age, a new civilization, and a new mode of being.

      Dr. Leonid Vasiliev, the noted physiologist at Leningrad University,
      once said:

      "The discovery of the energy associated with psychic events will be
      as important, if not more important, than the discovery of atomic

      In this statement, Vasiliev gives us a subtle clue that few among us
      have as yet recognized. He is saying that psychic events in
      themselves, as remarkable as they may be, are unimportant without an
      understanding of the energy, which underlies them.

      The message is clear, if we have the courage to listen. Vasiliev is
      telling us that the science of fifty or a hundred years from now will
      be a science of the study of energies.

      Psychology itself will become a discipline of the study of the
      origin, nature, characteristics, transmission, distribution, and the
      effects of the fundamental energy which is underlying all living
      things, as it differentiates, plays upon, and affects humankind.

      This, essentially, is the message Assagioli left for us to decipher.

      Nathaniel Branden has defined science as "the rational and systematic
      study of the facts of reality." He defines psychology as the science
      that "studies the attributes and characteristics which certain living
      organisms possess by virtue of being conscious."

      2.3 Near-Death- Experiences
      The third paradigm shift is created by the Near-Death- Experiences.
      The pioneer in this field is Raymond A Moody, who 20 years ago
      gathered 2000 stories from re-awakened patients in hospitals. Here we
      have examples of a kind of "empirical death research", i.e a research
      of what is happening after death.

      3. The Effects of the Paradigm Shifts on the Scientific Community
      The start of the breakthrough of New Age seems to be the publishing
      of the book by two American psychologists, their travel report from a
      study trip to Soviet and Czechoslovakia: Psychic Discoveries Behind
      the Iron Curtain (1970).

      Download another CIA report (4MB). Go to page 53 to read about the
      OBE phenomena and Remote Viewing.

      The book was an intellectual bang on both sides of the iron Curtain.
      In the US, NASA's and CIA's departments for psychological defence
      –Help, the Russians are far ahead of us! We must speed up! And in
      Soviet KGB:s bureau for foreign country information (the spy bureau),
      reacted too. –Oops! How much have our researcher told those American
      women about our secrets?

      3.1 The Impact of Ingo Swann
      Swann found support from a high rank physicist, Hal Puthoff, who has
      performed experiments in parapsychology, with better results than the
      psychologists, and several of his reports on Remote Viewing are
      still "Frozen". The brotherhood does not want the fact to be known by
      the public...

      Ingo Swann: Remote Viewing - The Real Story

      Remote Viewing and The Stargate Project

      Skip Atwater on the Stargate Project

      Remote Viewing History according to IRVA

      3.2 Swann's Perspective on Science and Society

      A brief but comprehensive overview of the structure of paradigms is
      presented regarding how control systems work within consciousness
      levels, and why there is a need to change governing paradigms to move
      beyond victim-blaming and toward system transformations. The concept
      of filtering consciousness through paradigms is presented, followed
      by: discussions regarding choice of paradigms; what is normal or
      possible for consciousness; seeking paradigms that fit us; saving
      paradigms but modifying them for more efficient performance. The
      cultural non-commitment to human potentials is discussed, and the
      importance of learning that new worldviews bring new worlds.

      In essence, multidimensionals represent:

      1 A revolutionary paradigm shift in what constitutes "reality."
      2 An evolutionary leap for humanity.
      3 An opening of doors to advanced human mind potential.
      4 An unlimited potential for new, pure energy, technology.
      5 Most importantly, multidimensionals are living examples of the
      ultimate paradigm shift from materialism to mentalism because they
      have consciously converted material, third dimensional, controlled
      and limited,
      information transmission systems to unlimited, cosmic information
      transmission systems.

      Swann gives a picture of the intellectual environment in the
      scientific community, especially academic psychology and the social
      sciences as an inert structure, immunized against criticism and
      innovation hostile. Here we find that special form of thought
      structure that Swann calls stereotype thinking. The term means over
      simplified models that have gone stiff and unchangeable.

      Russel Targ, Ingo Swann, Stephen Schwartz and Hal Puhoff.
      Courtesy Robert Knight, photo used by permission of the International
      Remote Viewing Association

      3.3 Stereotypes Within Consensus Realities
      There is another difficulty that is always encountered in writing for
      consumption within the larger consensus reality. The larger the
      consensus reality, the more likely it is that what is traded as
      information packages among it will consist of over-simplified
      information packages, more commonly known as stereotypes.

      There is a distinct deficit in this regard. Over-simplified
      information might not be information at all, but merely consist of
      fashionable, stereotype chitchat, which makes it easy to engage in

      This leaves people thinking they have "communicated." But over-
      simplified ideas and concepts are virtually valueless as information
      except within the over-simplified contexts in which they are used.

      In the case of stereotypes, Swann avoids giving examples, because one
      can get stuck in them and thus loose the generality of the concept,
      but he makes an exception for the linear, one-way causality, e g in
      the Black Box:

      Input —> Box —> Output

      That conception is empty and instead Swann puts process causality as
      a necessary complementary link between cause and effect. My own
      example of this is welding of to pieces of metal. Here the melting of
      iron (or another metal) is a necessary process between electricity
      and the ready joint.

      3.4 The Present Trend in the Development of the Controversy
      We are in the phase of Aquarius according to astrology, which means
      change in focus, from simplified materialism to bioplasmic
      spiritualism. The bioplasmic camp has an information advantage over
      standard science or scientism and its ally, the church, because the
      latter camp is striving to avoid questions belonging to their own
      foundation — the paradigm, esp. the world picture — whereas active
      spiritualism starts the discussion with those questions. Thus, they
      are not afraid, but instead, they are developing their theory from
      those starting points.

      Examples: the reality of mind and the "supermind", i.e Psi, the
      relation between mind and matter, the reality of the bioplasmic
      field, the possibility of telepathic communication and Remote
      Viewing, the effects of healing and the reality of UFO's.


      Bilaga 1

      Nu kan inte alla få sådana upplevelser, men för att få den typen av
      information måste vi bygga på dem, som haft upplevelser. Vetenskapen —
      eller snarare dess avart, scientismen, kasserar alla direkta
      upplevelser som "subjektiva", men utan att se den dubbla betydelsen
      i "subjektiv ".:

      1. Genetiskt subjektiv = Kunskap om fenomenet P finns endast genom
      upplevelse (perception) hos ett subjekt eller observationsdata
      förutsätter en observatör.
      2. Subjektivism = Forskaren F tror att påståendet P är sant bara
      därför att han tror så starkt på att det är så.

      Reinkarnationsteorin anknyter naturligt till nära-döden-
      upplevelserna. Dessa tankar finns sedan gammalt inom spiritismen. Vid
      spiritisternas möten — seanser — finns något medium, som upprättar
      kontakt med de dödas andar i världen på "andra sidan ", och
      överbringar hälsningar till deltagarna..

      Kontakt med de döda
      Den tidigare nämnde Moody har "uppdaterat" den spiritistiska seansen
      med en stor spegel i ett mörkt rum I denna spegel kan man se de döda
      framträda och även tala med dem. De döda ser alltid yngre ut än vid
      levnadsslutet, c: 30 – 35 år. Man kan tänka sig en
      platonsk "centralgestalt". Moody hävdar att hans seanser har en
      terapeutisk effekt, genom att lindra sorgen hos de kvarlevande.


      Bilaga 2

      Subjektivitet som ontologisk kategori
      Köhler (1928) behandlar bl a den viktiga frågan om ett förbisett
      begrepp "subjektiv", nämligen vad han kallar "genetiskt
      subjektivitet ":

      " . . . den hänsyftar på all erfarenhets beroende på min fysiska
      organism. I denna senare mening är subjektiviteten inte ett upplevt
      attribut utan snarare en relation som vi tillskriver all erfarenhet,
      och därför också de upplevelser som vi kallar) objektiva, när vi en
      gång har lärt oss att betrakta dem som resultatet av organiska

      Ganska ofta sammanblandas de båda betydelserna av termen (subjektiv)
      på det mest beklagansvärda sätt, som om det, som är genetiskt
      subjektivt också borde upprträda som (kriteriskt ) subjektivt i
      varseblivningen (Köhler 1928, s 18)

      "Genetiskt subjektiv" betyder alltså "upplevd av ett subjekt"
      eller "framkallad genom att upplevas av ett subjekt" och har en
      ontologisk innebörd, till skillnad från "kriteriskt subjektiv" vilket
      gäller (bristande) tillförlitlighet hos data. Om man nu inom
      teknikfixerad forskning enbart ser den kriteriska meningen, så tappar
      man bort den genetiska subjektiviteten, som alltså gäller skapandet —
      genereringen — av upplevelser och tankar, vilka då betraktas som löst
      kringflygande fragment utan någon nödvändig systemförankring. Denna
      fråga reflekterar man inte över utan är belåten med att ha "objektivt
      empiriska data". Därpå använder man "subjektiv" — i kriterisk
      (teknisk) mening som "dismissal adjective" för att diskvalificera
      alla former av subjektivitet.

      Köhlers precisering av en förbisedd kategori kan dock inte enbart
      grundas på organismen som fysiskt-kemiskt system, då ingen av
      processerna i ett sådant system täcker upplevelse . Den senare är en
      funktion , vilken är utomfysisk, med en okänd ontologisk grund. Vi
      har här en av naturens gåtor, vilken kan formuleras som en
      fråga: "Vem är det som ser bilder?". Svar: Endast det medvetna
      subjektet kan se bilder (Whitehead 1956, Woodger 1952). "Aha! Den
      tredje lille mannen därinne!" säger då en sarkastisk objektivist, som
      med detta som argument anser sig bevisa (vem är det som bevisar?) att
      subjektet skulle vara en överflödig och grundlös konstruktion. Frågan
      är då om det räcker med att hänvisa till kroppen som fysio-kemiskt
      system, ty Woodgers fråga kvarstår fortfarande: vem är det som vet
      något och som ser bilder? Är det hjärnan?Med anknytning till det nyss
      sagda kommer frågan: Är självförståelse möjlig utan ett subjekt?
      Vem/vad är det annars som förstår sig själv?

      Text: Johan Lindström
      Nordostpassagen 56, 413 11 Goteborg, Sweden
      +46 (0)31-24 11 91


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      More to read:

      Ingo Swann: Remote Viewing - The Real Story

      Remote Viewing and The Stargate Project

      Skip Atwater on the Stargate Project

      Remote Viewing History according to IRVA

      Scientist Claims Proof Of Afterlife
      Scientists at The University of Arizona have done extensive research,
      and say that they have the proof that when we die we continue to live
      beyond our physical bodies."Almost anyone who sees the data says
      there's something real here," said one of the researchers.

      Brainball: Winning by Relaxing
      Brainball is a game where you compete in relaxation. The players'
      brainwaves control a ball on a table, and the more relaxed scores a
      goal over the opponent.

      I Died Twice - Ozzy Osbourne
      "I didn't know where I was or how long I'd been there. I would drift
      in and out of consciousness. Other times there would be a white light
      shining through the darkness, but no fucking angels, no one blowing
      trumpets and no man in a white beard."

      Spirited Suspension
      "When I got out of the hospital after that near-death asthma
      experience in 1986, I had this epiphany about the universe that has
      changed my life," Carter says. "I went from being a typical cynical
      comic to being someone who had a strong sense of God."

      Dream Interpretation Offers Insight
      "Ancient cultures attached great significance to dreams as
      communication with God or prophecy or out-of-body travel. Much of
      twentieth century dream
      theory was influenced by three approaches: Freudian, Jungian and

      Hammond Man Tells How Near-Death Experience
      Changed His Life
      "Suddenly, he felt cold and dizzy and the next thing he remembers is
      seeing what he believes was God's face. "He was waiting for me. He
      touched my forehead and said, 'Go back. It's not your time. Do your
      best,'" Gutierrez says."

      Victim Took Trip To Heaven and Back
      "What I experienced was a complete union with God - complete,
      unconditional love," she said. "All of the burdens I had on Earth
      dissolved into nothing." Then she had to make a decision.

      Ultimate Survivor
      "I died for 30 seconds,'' he says. "I didn't see a light at the end
      of the tunnel, but I remember watching everything from above. The
      surgical team was working on me.

      Toddler's miracle survival
      A toddler thought to have drowned in her family's pool was revived 40
      minutes after doctors pronounced her dead.

      Death encounter changed her life
      Recovering from her brush with death heralded the start of a new life
      for her. "It changed everything," Cherie Sutherland says. She
      immediately became a vegetarian, split with her husband, enrolled in
      university and began studying others' near-death experiences.

      Soul Travel is produced
      by Sasser Media Lab

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