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Red Haired Girl

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    From: Elaine Data: 28/09/2003 02:20 Red Haired Girl From: Angie McIntosh (beamship@hotmail.com) The story that I am about to tell did not happen to me, but
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      From: Elaine
      Data: 28/09/2003 02:20

      Red Haired Girl

      From: "Angie McIntosh" (beamship@...)
      The story that I am about to tell did not happen to me, but it came
      from a very reliable source, so I think it's safe to say that it is a
      true story.

      Years ago, a friend of mine, I'll call her Kate, moved her family
      into a nice little house in a quaint little subdivision. She really
      liked the neighborhood, but didn't like to be in the house alone
      because she said that sometimes it would give her the creeps.

      Her daughter ( Who is one of my best friends, and who I will call
      Lisa ) was about 5 years old at the time and had just started school.
      Every morning at about 7:30 the kids would get on the bus to go to
      school, leaving Kate alone in the house until 3:30 that afternoon.
      While they were gone, she would busy herself with typical house
      keeping things like laundry and such.

      Now Lisa had a favorite doll which she kept with her at all times,
      but her teacher at school said that it was a distraction to the
      class, so she had to start leaving the beloved doll at home. When
      Kate was picking up her room that morning, she noticed the doll lying
      in the floor, so she put it in the middle of the freshly made bed.
      She then proceeded outside to hang her laundry on the line. When she
      came back into her house, the doll was lying in the middle of the
      living room floor. At first she figured that the dog ( They had a
      small poodle at the time ) had drug it off the bed, and this really
      annoyed her because she feared that the pup had probably rumpled the
      covers that she had just made. She picked the doll up and took it
      back to the bedroom and was surprised to see that the bed had not
      been rumpled. She put the doll back in it's place, then went to take
      a shower. When she was finished, she decided to check her clothes
      that she had drying on the line, and proceeded through the house to
      the back door.. Th
      A few weeks went by and Kate forgot all about the incident with the
      doll, the way we all dismiss strange disturbing things from our minds
      after a while. Then things began to get really weird.

      Kate would be awakened at night hearing Lisa arguing to herself. She
      would then go to her room to find out what the problem was. Lisa
      would say that the little girl who lived in her closet kept taking
      her doll. Kate blew this off as a little kids imagination, and
      thought that Lisa was just going through the " imaginary friend "
      stage that allot of children go through. After being awakened for the
      third time that night by Lisa, Kate just said " Well, if your friend
      wants the doll that bad, why don't you let her have it. And tell her
      that it's too late for you to play, and that you have to go to bed.
      Now get some sleep. " She heard nothing else from Lisa for the rest
      of the night.

      A few mornings later, Lisa woke up in a really bad mood. Kate ask her
      what the problem was, and Lisa replied that she wanted to play with
      her doll, but Kate had made her give it to the mean little girl. Kate
      then told Lisa that she only meant for the little girl to borrow it,
      but she could play with it now, so they went to her room to get the
      doll. It was lying in the bottom of the closet. Kate ask Lisa what
      her friends name was, and Lisa said she didn't know. The little girl
      wouldn't talk. She just stared at her and took her doll away. So
      Kate, playing along with Lisa's game, said, " Now little girl, Lisa
      is going to take her doll back, and if you don't start playing nice,
      you won't be aloud to play with Lisa anymore." Thinking this would
      satisfy the child, Lisa just looked at Kate and said," Mom, she can't
      hear you, she's not even here right now. She won't come until I go to

      So, over the next week or so, Kate played along with Lisa's story
      about the mean red haired little girl who only stared and took toys
      away. One day when Lisa was at school, Kate was out hanging laundry.
      She began talking to her neighbor, and the conversation turned to the
      funny things that kids do. She told her neighbor all about Lisa's
      imaginary friend with the bad attitude. Kate thought that the whole
      thing was very cute and kind of funny at times. Her neighbour just
      looked at her weird for a few minutes and then ask if Kate knew
      anything about the house She was living in. Kate said she knew that
      it had been there for a while, but she didn't really know much more
      than that. Her neighbor then told her something that sent chills up
      her spine.

      About 5 years before, a couple lived in the house with their
      daughter. The girl was about 7 years old. One day when the girl
      stepped off her school bus, she dropped a book and it slipped
      underneath behind the tire. She crawled underneath to get it, but the
      driver didn't know she was there and the poor girl was crushed by the
      bus. She died instantly. The neighbour had lived there for many
      years, and knew the girls mother well. She was devastated and her
      husband finally had to move her out of the house because she kept
      screaming that her little girl was there. When Kate ask what colour
      of hair the child had, she replied red. She had long beautiful red

      Kate was horrified and only returned to the house to get her car
      keys. She went to stay with her mother and would not even return to
      the house to pack. Her husband and brothers had to do all the work.
      They left the doll in the closet at Kates request.

      Lisa is now 22 years old. I ask her if she remembered anything of
      this incident and she said yes, she remembered the little red haired
      girl very well. She said she was so young at the time that it never
      occurred to her that the girl was a ghost. She thought it was just a
      little girl. She would come out of her closet and set on the end of
      her bed, and yes, she would sometimes take her doll away. The girl
      never said a word. She would just stare, and Lisa would usually fall
      asleep with her staring at her, but she was never afraid of her. As a
      matter of fact, she can remember being very angry at her mother for
      moving out of the house without letting her say good-bye to the
      little girl.
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