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Re: "ocaml_beginners"::[] RE: Problem with CAML

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  • Chingfan Tsou
    That s too bad. I don t know what happened. Try google this: Regular Expression Matching Can Be Simple And Fast . Good luck! 2013/9/25
    Message 1 of 10 , Sep 25, 2013
      That's too bad. I don't know what happened. Try google this:    "Regular Expression Matching Can Be Simple And Fast". Good luck!

      2013/9/25 <jejebrazorf@...>

       Link doesn't work! :(

      ---In ocaml_beginners@yahoogroups.com, <caojingfan@...> wrote:

      I really don't know the differences between CAML and OCaml, but have you check this out? Hopefully helpful http://swtch.com/~rsc/regexp/regexp1.html

      2013/9/25 <jejebrazorf@...>


      Yes, I need to implement a DFA with CAML..the problem is in the first post

      ---In ocaml_beginners@yahoogroups.com, <caojingfan@...> wrote:

      Did you intend to implement a DFA with CAML? I happened to implement a simple one (but with OCaml) as an entry for practicing OCaml. https://github.com/ChingfanTsou/oc-regexp

      2013/9/23 <jejebrazorf@...>


      I've been trying for days but I can't do a lot..anyone could help me with this prog? 


      ps. the french book is good but maybe it's too difficoult 

      --- In ocaml_beginners@yahoogroups.com, <jejebrazorf@...> wrote:

      Thanks! I'll try then I'll post the code here 

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      you can have a look at chapter 16 of "le langage caml" [1], which gives a good overview on deterministic automata with caml. The book is in french, but the code snippets are, well in caml :o).

      hope this helps,

      [1] http://caml.inria.fr/distrib/books/llc.pdf

      2013/9/15 <jejebrazorf@...>

      Hi, I have a problem with the CAML language..I need to write a CAML prog ( not OCAML) that given three 3-letter words serch if the letters are present in the given words and in that case it will return true otherwise false. The program must use the deterministic automata.

      Do you have any idea? thanks

      Program without automa:

      let string_check c1 c2 string = (index_char string c1)>0 && (index_char string c2)>0;;

      let rec progCaml a b s_list = 
        match s_list with
          [] -> false
        | x::xs -> try
                      (string_check a b x)
                    Not_found -> progCaml a b xs;;

    • jejebrazorf
      Message 2 of 10 , Dec 12, 2013


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