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Re: "ocaml_beginners"::[] ocaml-syck compilation problem

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  • Martin DeMello
    Thanks, that was very helpful! martin On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 2:49 PM, Florent Monnier
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 16, 2012
      Thanks, that was very helpful!


      On Fri, Nov 16, 2012 at 2:49 PM, Florent Monnier <
      fmonnier@...> wrote:

      > you wrote:
      > > I downloaded ocaml-syck from http://ocaml-syck.sourceforge.net/ and it
      > > configured and built without any problems, but it only generates the
      > native
      > > library. How do I get it to generate the bytecode library as well? I've
      > > poked about the makefiles for a while but couldn't manage to figure it
      > out.
      > Hello,
      > I'm assuming the version is ocaml-syck-0.1.1
      > I don't see any compilation problem, it's just that by default the
      > build script only build the native lib. It's simple to build the byte
      > one without changing the Makefile, but before to learn how to use
      > make, I would recomand to learn how to compile ocaml code before.
      > Compiling ocaml code is not that difficult, but I would admit that in
      > case you are an early beginner it's not that simple to read the
      > official manual which assumes the reader is already skilled, and
      > already has programming knowledge, so I won't RTFM you.
      > if there is an .mli file, it should be compiled first before the .ml
      > file, so in ocaml-syck:
      > ocamlc -c yamlNode.mli
      > ocamlc -c yamlNode.ml
      > ocamlc -c yamlParser.mli
      > ocamlc -c yamlParser.ml
      > we compile yamlNode first becasue yamlParser needs it
      > you have already build the .cmxa properly, which was made by this
      > command (run by make):
      > ocamlmklib -o yaml parser.o yamlNode.cmx yamlParser.cmx -lsyck
      > this one creates the .cmxa, to create a .cma, we just replace .cmx by
      > the .cmo that we just created, like this:
      > ocamlmklib -o yaml parser.o yamlNode.cmo yamlParser.cmo -lsyck
      > then we have our .cma lib.
      > the -lsyck option is for linking with the syck library, this is the
      > same option than when compiling for C.
      > if you have build the .cmxa yet, the stub part is there yet, it's the
      > same for the byte and native lib.
      > now the answer for how to call make:
      > make LIB=cma OBJ=cmo OCAMLC=ocamlc
      > by default it contains:
      > OCAMLC := ocamlopt
      > LIB := cmxa
      > OBJ := cmx
      > any variable in a Makefile can be redefined on the command line like this.
      > Feel free to ask other questions.
      > --

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