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Companies using OCaml

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  • Esther Baruk
    Dear OCaml Beginners list, Some of you might already have heard about the OCaml Website project started after its
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 18, 2012
      Dear OCaml Beginners list,

      Some of you might already have heard about the OCaml Website
      project<http://github.com/agarwal/ocamlweb> started
      after its announcement at the last OCaml Meeting in April 2011.
      There will be a page on the website where we list all companies using the
      OCaml language.
      We listed almost all well known companies (see the list at the end of this
      mail), with a small description of the use of OCaml in the corresponding
      We wish to enrich this list as much as possible.
      So, if you know or work in a company using OCaml and that is not in this
      list, please tell us. And if you see some detailed descriptions that need
      to be updated, let us know.

      We also welcome new contributors to the project. You can submit pull
      requests on Github (http://github.com/agarwal/ocamlweb) and also suggest
      content to add, etc. We have a mailing list where you can subscribe:

      Thank you for your help.

      Esther Baruk

      List (sorted by country and company name):

      - England
      - Acunu <http://www.acunu.com/>
      *Acunu is writing, from the ground-up, a Storage and Analytics
      Platform for Massive Data.*
      - Citrix <http://www.citrix.com/>
      - Flying Frog Consultancy <http://ffconsultancy.com/>
      *Flying Frog Consultancy Ltd. consult and write books and software on
      the use of OCaml in the context of scientific computing. OCaml excels in
      the niche of intrinsically complicated programs between large-scale,
      array-based programs written in languages such as HPF and small-scale,
      graphical programs written in languages such as Mathematica.*
      - Merjis <http://merjis.com/>
      *Merjis Ltd. work on improving website return on investment by having
      a mix of good marketing and excellent understanding of the technology. We
      use OCaml because it represents the best of breed technology to use when
      building websites.*
      - France
      - Dassault Systèmes <http://www.3ds.com/fr/>
      - Esterel Technologies <http://www.esterel-technologies.com/>
      - LexiFi <http://www.lexifi.com/>
      *LexiFi is an innovative provider of software applications and
      infrastructure technology for the capital markets industry.
      LexiFi Apropos
      is powered by an original formalism for describing financial
      contracts, the
      result of a long-term research and development effort.*
      - MEDIT <http://www.medit.fr/>
      *MEDIT develops SuMo, an advanced bioinformatic
      system<http://mjambon.com/phd.html> for
      the analysis of protein 3D structures and the identification of
      targets. SuMo is written entirely in OCaml and provides interfaces to
      several commercial molecular-modelling packages.*
      - Motion-Twin <http://www.motion-twin.com/>
      *Motion-Twin is building web-based Flash video games for several web
      sites such as Frutiparc <http://www.frutiparc.com/> and
      and KadoKado <http://www.kadokado.com/>. Because controlling the
      technology is critical for us, we're developing a lot of in-house tools
      using OCaml to gain development time and stability advandages over
      competitors. Using OCaml enables us to quickly develop robust
      software that
      we need to build our games.*
      - MLstate <http://www.mlstate.com/>
      *MLstate is the creator of Opa <http://opalang.org/>: an open-source
      web development platform. It consists of a new programming
      language, a new
      web server, a new database and a new distributed execution engine, all of
      them tightly integrated to provide a great experience for web developers.
      Opa is concise, simple, concurrent, dynamically secure and secure out of
      the box. It is written mainly in OCaml and uses OCaml as an intermediate
      language for compilation.*
      - OCamlPro <http://www.ocamlpro.com/>
      *OCamlPro develops and maintains a development environment for the
      OCaml language. They provide services for companies deciding to
      use OCaml.
      Among these services: trainings, necessary expertises, tools and
      long-term support, and specific developments to their applicative domains.
      - RunOrg <http://runorg.com/>
      - Japan
      - IT Planning <http://www.itpl.co.jp/>
      *We use Ocaml for some kind of enterprise systems (i.e. production
      control, portfolio risk management and web services).*
      - Poland
      - Narrow Gate Logic <http://nglogic.com/>
      *Narrow Gate Logic is a company using Ocaml language in business and
      non-business applications.*
      - Sweden
      - Framtidsforum I&M <http://www.exceleverywhere.com/>
      *Framtidsforum I&M sells ExcelEverywhere, which creates web pages
      that look and function the same as your MS Excel spreadsheet.
      JavaScript is
      used for calculation. Supports 140 Excel-functions. Typically used for
      expense report, survey, order forms, reservation forms, employment
      application, financial advisor, ROI. There are also versions
      that generate
      ASP, ASP.NET <http://asp.net/> and JSP/Java code. The compiler is
      written using Ocaml.*
      - Uganda
      - Digital Solutions <http://dsmagic.com/>
      *General programming, with wide base and experience in Mobile
      Telephony programming and web application development.*
      - United States
      - Galois <http://www.galois.com/>
      *Galois has developed a domain specific declarative language for
      cryptographic algorithms. One of our research compilers is
      written in OCaml
      and makes very extensive use of camlp4.*
      - JaneStreet <http://www.janestreet.com/>
      *Jane Street is a quantitative proprietary trading firm that operates
      around the clock and around the globe. They bring a deep understanding of
      markets, a scientific approach, and innovative technology to bear on the
      problem of trading profitably in the world's highly competitive financial
      Jane Street is perhaps the largest commercial user of OCaml, and has
      attracted a very strong team of functional programmers. They use
      OCaml for
      everything, from research infrastructure to trading systems to operations
      and accounting systems. Jane Street has over 50 OCaml
      programmers and over
      a million lines of OCaml, powering a technology platform that trades
      billions of dollars every day.*
      - MrNumber <http://mrnumber.com/> (formerly
      - MyLife <http://mylife.com/> (formerly Wink)
      MyLife has developped a powerful people search tool that will empower
      those in need to find anyone, regardless of years past and the life that
      was built in between.
      - Psellos <http://psellos.com/>
      - PRUDENT Technologies and Consulting,

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