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9441Re: "ocaml_beginners"::[] OCaml curses in native mode

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  • Florent Monnier
    Mar 1, 2008
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      > Hi !
      Hi Fabrice !

      > OCaml curses :
      > http://www.nongnu.org/ocaml-tmk/
      > builds and runs fine in byte mode.
      > However, about generating native mode test.opt, I get this :

      The instruction "-lncurses" is missing while building the .cmxa
      But while using the .cmxa users can still provide this linking instruction:
      ocamlopt -cclib -lncurses -I . -o test curses.cmxa test.ml

      But it would be more handy to fix the problem in the .cmxa itself,
      on my computer the problem is fixed when I use this compilation line:

      ocamlopt -a -cclib -lncurses -cclib -lcurses_stubs -o curses.cmxa \
      keys.cmx curses.cmx

      We could also be willing to get the proper command from the Makefile
      which uses OCamlMakefile, so it can be fixed adding:
      CLIBS = ncurses

      I'm not sure who is the maintainer of this package (I've sent an email to
      richard to notice)

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