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774Re: "ocaml_beginners"::[] Re: Generating codes/values

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  • Remi VANICAT
    Jan 22, 2003
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      oliver@...-berlin.de writes:


      well, there is a lot of code, and I've not the time to read. Just try.

      > P.S.: Is it a problem to have names for functions and parameters,
      > which are used as language identifiers (e.g. "list", "string",
      > "rec")?

      There is two thing : keyword, and things that are in the core
      library. rec is a keyword, you can't use it otherwise. list, string
      are just identifier use in the core library, yon can use them. Beware,
      in this case they are both type, you should not use them for type name
      (because you will then hide the previous type declaration). But there
      is absolutely no problem for using them as name for value.


      RĂ©mi Vanicat
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