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  • Bill James
    Aug 2, 2006
      --- In ocaml_beginners@yahoogroups.com, Robert Roessler <robertr@...>
      > Bill James wrote:
      > > ...
      > > Compiling from the bash shell that was installed with the
      > > cygwin packages does the trick; camlopt made a stand-alone
      > > executable for the mini ray-tracing program from Flying
      > > Frog.
      > >
      > > Unless anyone can tell me how to use camlopt in a windows
      > > console (DOS-box), I'll have to make the machine-language
      > > versions of my programs from bash.
      > It's not clear what you mean by this... as I am in the midst of
      > finding out, it is one *heck* of lot easier to build and link OCaml
      > programs (specifically, mixed C and OCaml, bytecode and/or native) on
      > Windows than on... other choices. ;)
      > OTOH, the actual build environment (the available commands etc) is
      > important. To readily get at the compiling and building commands
      > themselves (Microsoft toolchain in my case), it takes something quite
      > a bit more powerful than Microsoft's "nmake" or any of the builtin
      > stuff... as I mention on these lists every once in a while, I use
      > Cygwin for just this - so I get access to real make, rm, cp, mv etc.
      > Robert Roessler
      > robertr@...
      > http://www.rftp.com

      I'm using the mingw version of OCaml under windoze.
      ocamlc and ocaml work properly when invoked from the
      DOS prompt, but ocamlopt doesn't. I suspect it's
      because the cygwin tools (gcc, linker, etc.) don't
      understand the windoze path environmental variable.
      So after debugging and fine tuning the program, I
      run cygwin.bat and compile from bash.
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