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  • William D. Neumann
    Nov 1, 2005
      On Tue, 1 Nov 2005, Java wrote:

      >> that's rigth not right, so ocaml is right :-)
      > ARGH! I lost lots of time checking errors like theese, anyone knows if
      > is there a possibility to let ocaml interpreter highlight the error
      > line? It only says "unbound value " or "syntax error at characters
      > 345-347".

      Well, it does.

      Objective Caml version 3.09.0

      # type 'a tree =
      | Empty
      | Node of 'a * 'a tree * 'a tree;;

      let rec search (x, tree) =
      match tree with
      | Empty -> false
      | Node (y, left, rigth) ->
      if (x = y) then true else
      if (x > y) then search(x, right)
      else search(x, left)
      type 'a tree = Empty | Node of 'a * 'a tree * 'a tree
      # Characters 204-209:
      if (x > y) then search(x, right)
      Unbound value right

      The problem here (well, not really a problem) is that this doesn't tell
      you what you wanted to know, which is that you really misspelled right in
      the match case. I suppose some logic could be built into the compiler to
      look for possible typos and suggest corrections, but I doubt it would be
      worth the effort to implement...

      William D. Neumann


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