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4663Re: "ocaml_beginners"::[] mutually recursive definition of non-function values

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  • Brian Hurt
    Oct 2, 2005
      On Sun, 2 Oct 2005, Seth J. Fogarty wrote:

      > On 10/2/05, a22_19_22 <a22_19_22@...> wrote:
      >> . . .
      >> No, the behavior is /very/ well defined. Just not terribly useful.
      >> I gotta put my $.02 in here (I think there was a brief mention of
      >> cyclic lists in this forum a week or two ago). Cyclic lists can be
      >> very useful, just not very often. Off the top of my head:
      > Well, I stand gladly corrected.
      >> OCaml does make it harder (needlessly IMHO) to use circular lists by
      >> raising an exception if the list arguments to two-list iterators such
      >> as List.map2 and List.fold_left2 are not of the same length. When
      >> lists of different length are allowed, it can be convenient to map or
      >> fold over an ordinary list and a circular list.
      > These shouldn't be terribly hard to rewrite this way... it's a bit of
      > a strange way of thinking about them, but it's very doable. Map and
      > fold are four-line functions, and I doubt map2 and fold2 are much
      > longer.

      No, they're not:

      let rec fold_left2' f init alist blist =
      match alist, blist with
      | (ah::at), (bh::bt) -> fold_left2' f (f init ah bh) at bt
      | _ -> init

      let rec fold_right2' f alist blist init =
      (* NOT tail recursive *)
      match alist, blist with
      | (ah::at), (bh::bt) -> f ah bh (fold_right2' f at bt init)
      | _ -> init

      let map2' f alist blist =
      let rec loop accum alist blist =
      match alist, blist with
      | (ah::at), (bh::bt) -> loop ((f ah bh) :: accum) at bt
      | _ -> List.rev accum
      loop [] alist blist

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