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  • Chris Campbell
    Sep 17, 2005
      On 17/09/05, Damien Guichard <alphablock@...> wrote:
      > Hi Chris,
      > You mean you need first-class modules?

      No. I don't *need* them, I can use records or objects instead. It
      just seems like they /might/ be useful.

      > Many Scheme extensions offer them.
      > Either you have to adapt your programming style to ML pecularities or
      > you have to switch back to Scheme.

      Of course.

      > That's the "evolution of a programmer", no matter how long we dream
      > about it, we can't have all facilities in one single language.

      I realised that, however I just wondered if there was a reason for not
      having first class modules out of curiosity. This isn't a bash ocaml
      thing, just curiosity.
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