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429Re: "ocaml_beginners"::[] I/O -> imperative? functional? with loops or recursion

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  • giangiammy
    Sep 2, 2002
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      --- In ocaml_beginners@y..., "giangiammy" <giangiammy@y...> wrote:
      > --- In ocaml_beginners@y..., Stalkern 2 <stalkern2@t...> wrote:

      > 4bis - by the way, if by link-ography you mean bookmark-ology, I
      > haven't any.
      > I have seen a very interesting, even if I am not able
      > to understand the code, example by Matteo Frigo, in
      > his home page
      > xxxxxxxx
      > related to a pipe implementation using continuation:
      > if someone looks at this code, and understand it, please
      > give a word!

      Sorry, but in my last message I forget to insert the link
      I spoke of :


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