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13602[OASIS help] packed library, separate interface

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  • Markus Weissmann
    Sep 4, 2012
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      Hi Sylvain and everyone,

      I'm trying to switch my library over to Oasis and have a few problems.
      My library consists of several modules that get packed into a single module for which exists a "global" mli file.

      So its something like: src/mylib.mli, src/a.ml, src/b.ml, src/c.ml

      1.) I found the Pacl option in the source code (still missing from the docs); and wrote this:

      OASISFormat: 0.3
      Name: mylib
      Version: 0.1
      Synopsis: do stuff
      Authors: Markus Weissmann
      License: BSD3
      Plugins: META (0.3)

      Library mylib
      Pack: true
      Path: src
      BuildTools: ocamlbuild
      Modules: A, B, C

      This works, but _also_ installs all modules separately to the system along with META, mylib.a, etc. I get a.ml, a.cmi etc. -- is this a bug or a feature?

      2.) How do I make oasis install my "global" interface 'mylib.mli'?

      Thanks & regards


      Markus Weißmann, M.Sc.
      Technische Universität München
      Institut für Informatik
      Boltzmannstr. 3
      D-85748 Garching
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