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12985Re: "ocaml_beginners"::[] Any experience using oasis?

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  • Francois Berenger
    Dec 1, 2011
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      On 12/01/2011 03:09 PM, Adrien wrote:
      > Hi,
      > It's fairly easy to use for simple programs although it doesn't shine
      > there. But as soon as you have a more complex project, it quickly gets
      > very useful. And you get a configure and build system that works on
      > windows. I've also used it for C bindings where plain ocamlbuild
      > didn't work out-of-the-box and required more configuration.
      > As for doing things behind your back, it doesn't really do that. The
      > whole stuff is very straightforward and only generates a bunch of
      > files which are then used by a build system. Currently, the only
      > available build system is ocamlbuild but new ones can be created.
      > That means the question is rather whether ocamlbuild does things
      > behind your back and it usually does. However, the ocamlbuild files
      > generated by oasis are very simple and somehow "coerce" ocamlbuild
      > into behaving a very specific (and unsurprising) way. The only thing
      > left to ocamlbuild is sorting dependencies when compiling (which
      > modules depends on which other module and has to be compiled first?).
      > Maybe you can tell us what was your issue with ocamlbuild and we'll
      > see if it's something that can happen when it is used in conjunction
      > with oasis.


      Don't bother.
      I just find ocamlbuild too complex and not adapted to do some things.
      Recently, I read this:


      And after reading the comment from Sylvain Le Gall I started to think
      "Oasis looks cool".

      I really think I will give it a try soon.

      > Also, makefiles are perfectly fine for small codebases but they don't
      > really scale and they also have their quirks like builtin rules which
      > can try to build foo.out out of a.o and b.o because that's how C works
      > (on a source tree which has already been compiled once).

      My only concern with them is that they require some maintenance.


      > --
      > Adrien Nader
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