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12540Re : "ocaml_beginners"::[] using ocaml for large computation

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  • Jaques Bertrand
    Apr 3, 2011
      I did not have much success with pa_do module. I did get the program 'tetration' compiled, but running it gave me "Fatal error: exception Out_of_memory.

      Maybe I am missing optimization? It seems odd for a relatively small number like that 75K digits is not yet astronomical distances.
      With kind regards,
      Jaques Bertrand
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      Objet: "ocaml_beginners"::[] using ocaml for large computation
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      Date: Dimanche 20 mars 2011, 9h17


      Bonjour mon ami,

      I am trying to write a tetration to a file and it is not going so well. The math is very simple, but my computing resources and skills are a bit lacking.




      produces 70+ thousand digits and it is relatively a small number. When I tried this in Python, it works with standard library. In ocaml I get 'infinity'

      2. ** 262144. ;;

      (* -: float = infinity *)

      Is there a way to do this in OCaml?

      With kind regards,


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