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12354Re: error preprocessing with camlidl

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  • Rémi Vanicat
    Jan 7, 2011
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      Alexandre Gouraud <alexandre.gouraud@...> writes:

      > Hi there,
      > I try to compile someone else code, and I get the following error:
      > camlidl -header libstp.idl
      > sh: /lib/cpp: No such file or directory
      > libstp.idl: error during preprocessing
      > I have never used camlidl, so I don't have any clue about what this error
      > message means.

      It does mean that you lack the needed cpp tools. Or that camlidl can't
      find it.

      > Any help on where to look for (beside reading the whole
      > camlidl manual) would be appreciated. Why sh is involved here, where
      > /lib/cpp comes from ? (there is no such reference in libstp.idl).

      sh is used by caml to launch some external command, and apparently (but
      not surprisingly) camlidl use the very standard c pre-processor at some
      place of its execution.
      > I work on one of the latest cygwin plateform.

      Verify that you have installed the cpp cygwin package, or the gcc cygwin

      Rémi Vanicat
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