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flash bulletin re the Zetas

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  • Nancy Davies
    ah, the murders of the porros was not a revenge by ordinary people, but the revenge of the Zetas. Apparently, from what the Zetas write*, *Rubén Marmolejo
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31 5:09 PM

      ah, the murders of the porros  was not a revenge by ordinary people, but the revenge of the Zetas. Apparently, from what the Zetas  write, Rubén Marmolejo nicknamed el “Dragon” and his friend “Chema were doing bad things without belonging to the Zetas, and using their name. That will not be tolerated.

      The Diaz brothers have been identified by Proceso as running the chemical drug manufacture business in the western mixteca strip

      Llegan los Zetas a Oaxaca, se adjudican muerte del “Dragón”

      Escrito por Leticia Ortiz Domingo 31 de Octubre de 2010 16:07

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      their paper )above) says:

      "what happened yesterday to El Dragon and his buddy El Chema is going to happen to everyone who steals, kidnaps, extorts and assassinates in the name of the organization “Los Zetas” without belonging to them, we tell you."

      “After today no damned, unfortunate evil person will be able to sleep in peace, no functionary, politician or delinquent who lends his collaboration to the brothers Diaz Pantoja, will be pardoned”


      “To the honest citizens, the decent and hardworking people we say that our organization does not tolerate any extorsion or kidnapping or theft against the people and honest businesses and we will not permit more, here there is going to be order”


      Listen carefully: everyone who deals with the brothers Diaz Pantoja is going to get the same as El Dragon


      The deeds of yesterday are to be respected


      We had nothing to do with the executions of social leaders

      The organization “Los Zetas”



      Oaxaca.- translation of text by Leticia Ortiz, on Oaxacain

      "In a message written on a White sheet of paper attached to fences in the north zone of the city, the zetas acknowledged their role in the assassination of  Rubén Marmolejo nicknamed el “Dragon” and his friend “Chema”. The message is  directed to all who steal, kidnap, extort in name of the criminal organization of the “Zetas”, unless they belong to the cartel."

      This maybe looks like the Zetas have declared war on the Diaz Pantoja operation, as well as on fake Zetas.



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