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interesting news reports, some vindication

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  • Nancy Davies
    Somebody snitched. Those of us observing evil deeds against the social movement since 2006 now have some corroboration from the federal office of the Attorney
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2008
      Somebody snitched. 

      Those of us observing evil deeds against the social movement since 2006 now have some corroboration from the federal office of the Attorney General, and made public by the magazine Milenio of April 30, 2008, and in several newspapers, among them Las Noticias of Oaxaca of May 1, 2008. Ironically, the corroboration accompanied the news of arrests made in connection with the disappearance of two members of the Ejército Popular Revolucionario (EPR), not on the innumerable human rights violations of those involved in the movement.

       A person inside the state attorney general's office, according to Milenio,  very knowledgeable about what has gone on in Oaxaca, stepped forward with information detailing the alleged disappearance at the hands of the Ministerial Police Strike Force (UMIT, in full "Policía Ministerial del Grupo Fuerza Policial de Alto Rendimiento de Oaxaca")  of the two EPR men, Gabriel Alberto Cruz and Edmundo Reyes Amaya. The head of the state Ministerial Police is now in custody in Mexico, along with another police official.

      The existence of  a "white brigade" called the Ministerial Unit for Tactical Investigation (UMIT) allegedly carried out the "dirty war" during the 2006-2007 movement, emerged in the course of this investigation. The source of information, a person using the alias of Luna, is now under federal witness protection. Luna had testified in May of 2007 to seeing two people he believes to have been the EPR men,  taken into the state attorney general's office in the Justice Department building. The men have been missing since 2006.

      The gist of the article in Milenio by Diego Osorno is that the federal Attorney General's office is investigating not only the Oaxaca ministerial police, but also specifically our three "bad guys" from the 2006 movement: "El Chucky" Jorge Franco Vargas, the state director of the PRI in Oaxaca and former head of public security ); Lizbeth Caña former state attorney general and just yesterday appointed by the PRI to be the state's auditor, presumably to shield her from prosecution.); and the former director of the Ministerial Police, Manuel Moreno Rivas.  These three are said to be in the innermost circle of Ulises Ruiz Ortiz, (URO) the governor of Oaxaca. According to Luna, UMIT was composed of  police agents from several different Oaxaca police forces who had the confidence of high functionaries. In addition, the federal investigation points to links of UMIT with the Zetas, a criminal organization responsible for kidnappings and  drug trafficking. The current attorney general of Oaxaca claims UMIT no longer exists, but the rest of his interview, with questions such as Did you investigate UMIT? and Was UMIT acting illegally?, elicited the response, "no comment".

      Although more than twenty-five movement people were assassinated in 2006, nobody has been indicted. The current federal investigation allegedly includes photos of high officials, including Franco Vargas -on the spot, as it were. But not surprisngly,  nobody from the federal agencies such as the army, the Federal Preventive Police (PFP), or the Federal Investigation Agency (AFI) is under investigation, although those forces were also deeply involved in the repression of 2006-2007.

      On the other hand, "talks" have apparently been going on between the Calderon government and the EPR. The newspapers assure us that Calderon won't make any deals –although it is reported that he prefers that the EPR not bomb PEMEX.

      Is the grey skin color lately observed on URO have anything to do with this investigation and/or this negotiation? Is Felipe Calderon about to pull the plug? If so, is that because the PRI has no bargaining chips left –(the privatization of PEMEX is not a dead issue but so overwhelmingly opposed one supposes it will have to be done in secret without benefit of  public votes. On International Labor Day every union marching past my door in Oaxaca carried banners and shouted slogans against privatization of oil.)

       So what's the situation regarding the big boss URO? Inquiring minds want to know.

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