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Bad Visitation

I really hope you get this fast as i could not inform everyone about my trip. This message is coming to you with great depression due to the state of my
Geri Anderson
Oct 14, 2015

Bullet train between Mexico City and Queretero...

http://ow.ly/zWVL7 http://ow.ly/zWVL7 High Speed railway coming to Mexico....
Aug 7, 2014

Do you want to try San Miguel for awhile

I hope this is allowed. I LOVE Oaxaca, and hope one day to arrange somehow to be there at least 3 months a year. I live in SMA, and own this property. It
Feb 8, 2014

Re: Gynecologist

I have been to Dra. Ayala. She seemed competent. On Monday, January 20, 2014 9:22 AM, Paul Marling wrote: I have a copy of the 2012-13
Geri Anderson
Jan 20, 2014

Re: Gynecologist

I have a copy of the 2012-13 Viva Oaxaca guide. It list the following to OB-GYN doctors. Ceasar Wong and Adriana Ortiz at Jose Lopez Alavez Colonia La
Paul Marling
Jan 20, 2014


Does anyone have the name and contact information for a gynecologist and does s/he speak English?
Jan 20, 2014

Re: Free Spanish language tips

I am only in town for 10 days but really enjoyed this class the other day. Teacher was fantastic... other students a joy to study with...
Donna Ryan
Sep 21, 2013

Re: Free Spanish language tips

Boo hoo...I'm flying out Sept. 15 to NH to sign papers...sold my NH house!!!  I am now in Oaxaca, alone forever!  ________________________________ From:
Geri Anderson
Sep 4, 2013

Re: Free Spanish language tips

Sounds like a great idea. Hope everyone has a nice Mexican Independence Day. --- In oaxacacity-streets-shops@yahoogroups.com,
Sep 4, 2013

here's a GREAT "cause" to support in Oaxaca

Oaxaca Learning Center and B&B Getting The Word Out ! The word about the good work accomplished at the Learning Center has spread widely among the young people
Sep 4, 2013

Free Spanish language tips

For those living in Oaxaca, visiting or planning a visit, I wanted to let you know that free Spanish tips and refreshers are being offered by IDEAL Oaxaca
Sep 4, 2013

volunteer resources in Oaxaca

link to volunteer resources
Aug 23, 2013

Mexico City Metro blog:

Mexico City Metro blog: This blog has awesome photos of every station & surroundings inc great shots of street art. There's also a couple videos.
Aug 14, 2013

Alejandro Santiago dies of heart attack at age 49

Alejandro Santiago dies of heart attack at age 49 He is best known for his near life-sized clay figures of migrants from Oaxaca "2501 Migrantes". Sadly, I
Jul 23, 2013

Re: Mexico maligned article

Karen You might enjoy reading this blog - http://casitacolibri.wordpress.com/ - Casita Colibri It is written by an American ex-pat who got downsized out of her
Gayla Pierce
Jul 19, 2013
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