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Let's party with Klein, Rhee and Vallas

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    I was at the Manhattan Inst at the Harvard Club where Chester Finn appeared with Diane Ravitch introducing him this past Thurs and asked a 2 part question
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      I was at the Manhattan Inst at the Harvard Club where Chester Finn appeared with Diane Ravitch introducing him this past Thurs and asked a 2 part question (with just a little embelishment.) Basically I  dropped a Richard Rothstein on him.
      1. Are you claiming that if every child in America attended a KIPP school every one would become middle class and go on th college? He admitted that wouldn't happen but that 70% would which many dispute. I pointed out that in my school about 30-40% of the kids were doing ok and as Rothstein pointed out these are often the kids that end up at KIPP, not the 60% who are the most difficult to teach.  I didn't get a chance to drop Rothstein 2 on him (Check wonderful Rothstein's Response to Chester Finn which can be found at)

      2. Part 2: Given that you have a close relationship with Diane Ravitch and her criticisms of the  so-called reforms instituted in NYC, where do you stand on the impementation of so many of the ideas you espouse in NYC?

      Finn saying he was not based in NYC said he would defer to Diane's judgment (can we take this as a slam at BloomKlein?). But if asked about Washington DC whose Klein Klone Michelle Rhee is running the schools and whom he praised on Thursday he could make a more informed comment. If Finn is deferring to Diane on NYC, and we know that RHee is functioning along the same lines, then, excuse my math, can we assume if a=b and b=c, then a=c?

      What was clear is that Finn is setting up an excuse for Rhee's failure by talking about the special interests  like the union and others. Like there are no special interests on their side?

      Thanks to Diane for making me feel comfortable in what can be an intimidatign pro-corporaet environment (one guy told me afer he mananged Milton Friedman's money for years - since the buisness community thinks they can run school systems better than educators I was going to ask if I could manage some of their hedge funds in return.)

      If you go on Marc. 25,
      Men - Make sure to wear a jacket and tie - the Princeton Club seems to have a dress code and I had to use one of their ties once.

      Wow! Klein, Rhee and Paul Vallas, just completing ruining his third urban school system.
      Let's have a party.


      In a message dated 3/1/08 12:25:41 PM, leonie@... writes:

      I hope every parent on this list serv who has views about what Mayoral control has led to here in NYC registers for this event asap.

       We should all attend try to counter these ridiculously unbalanced panels that will surely be trumpeting all the supposed virtues of Mayoral control – as well as to provide some counterweight to those in the audience who tend to be conservative business people whose own kids attend private schools or to well-financed schools in the suburbs, with all their usual attributes (including small classes) which this administration has done everything they can to deny to students attending the city’s public schools. 

      Come on, guys –

      From: Events at MI [mailto:events@ Events at Events at Even
      Sent: Friday, February 29, 2008 3:48 PM
      To: Events at MI
      Subject: Tues., March 25; Education Conf.; Klein, Payzant, Rhee, Vallas, Wong, Winters, Tues., Ma, Fliegel, Ravitch, Williams, Steiner; Mayoral Control

      Invites You to a Conference

      Can Mayoral Control Fix Broken Urban Can Mayoral Cont?

      Joel Klein
      Chancellor, Department of Education, Department o

      Tuesday, March 25, 2008
      8:00 am–12:00 pm
      8:00 am–Registration
      8:30 am–12:00 pm – Program

      Princeton Club
      15 West 43rd Street
      New York City

      Mayoral control has emerged as among the most significant new trends in urban school reform. Beginning in Mayora and and <s in the 1990s, this governance change has now been adopted by numerous other school districts, including in the 1990s, . The strongest argument for transferring control of school systems from independent boards of education to the office of the mayor, has been the hope of achieving greater efficiency and effectiveness, through clear accountability. The Manhattan Institute’s conference on mayoral control of urban school districts will look at the record to date and explore the question of whether serious innovation requires mayoral control. We hope you can join us.

      To RSVP, please call 646-839-3376, or visit www.manhattan-www.manhatwww.manhattwww.manhatwww.ma.


      8:00 am

      8:30 am
      Opening Remarks:
      Joel Klein, Chancellor, Department of Education, , Department

      9:00 am
      Panel Discussion I:  Lessons from Other Cities
      Thomas Payzant, Former Superintendent, , <st1 <st1>Public S;
      Senior Lecturer, , <st1> <st1>G <st1> of Education
      Michelle Rhee, Chancellor, , <st1><st1>District <st1>Public S
      Paul Vallas, Superintendent, , <st1>R <st1>School Di, , <st1><st1
      Kenneth Wong, Walter and Leonore Annenberg Chair for Education Policy,
      Director, Urban Education Policy Program, r, Ur <st1>Univ
      Moderator: Marcus Winters, Senior Fellow, Manhattan Institute

      10:20 am

      10:30 am
      Panel Discussion II:  Mayoral Control Reauthorization in Panel Discuss
      David Bloomfield, Associate Professor & Program Head, Educational
      Leadership, Leadersh <st1>C
      Seymour Fliegel, President, Center for Educational Innovation-Public Education Association
      Diane Ravitch, Research Professor of Education, , <st1><st <st1>Univ
      Joe Williams, Executive Director, Democrats for Education Reform
      Moderator: David Steiner, Klara & Larry Silverstein Dean, , <st1 of of <st1>, , <st1 <st1>C, CUNY

      12:00 pm

      8:00 am–Registration
      8:30 am–12:00 pm–Program
      RSVP:  Acceptances Only

      If you accept and find you are unable to attend, please be sure to let us know.


      Manhattan Institute • • <st1><st1>52 Vand • • <st1>, ,     <st
      Phone: 212-599-7000 • Fax: 212-599-3494 • E-mail: mi@manhattan-mi@manhattmi@

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