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RE: [nyceducationnews] SLT and OML?

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  • Lisa Donlan
    Count me in! We too have a coloco over the next few weeks- the season is short and the engagement quite thin as the clock ticks and lame ducks get in a row.
    Message 1 of 17 , Sep 14, 2013
      Count me in!

      We too have a coloco over the next few weeks- the season is short and the engagement quite thin as the clock ticks and lame ducks get in a row.


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      Thanks James - I am going to check out the blog.  Would anyone want to form a committee to work on this?  I am in the heat of a co-location battle and not as experienced as some of the members on this list.

      What do you think?  Can we get something going?

      Laura E. Timoney
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      09/13/2013 05:08 PM

      nyceducationnews@yahoogroups.com, laura@...
      Re: [nyceducationnews] SLT and OML?

      I am very pleased to see someone advocating for SLTs.
      The School Leadership Team Support Center (sltsupport.blogspot.com) has useful information to educate parents and others regarding their responsibilities.
      James Calantjis

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      Lisa that's crazy.  I was thinking - WE need to put together SLT training for parents and show them the power they have.  Not the DOE training that might or might not happen.  I've seen James and others really speak on this and it was enlightening.

      Also, we need to post it online where parents have access to it.  Could be one-sheeters + some video explanations.  What do you think,?  Can we get a group together to do this and have SLTs become the powerful group they can be?

      Laura E. Timoney
      (O) 718.987.6411
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      Lisa Donlan <lisabdonlan@...>
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      [nyceducationnews] SLT and OML?


      Can anyone please confirm that SLTs are subject to Open Meeting Laws?
      I believed I knew the answer to this until a local blogger was nearly barred from an SLT meeting tonight.

      I was called by the  NL who cited her legal person (networks have their own legal people on staff?) as well as Marge Feinberg of the DoE's press office  who agreed, reportedly, that SLTs are not covered by OML.

      In fact, they cited A-655 to explain that only SLT meeting notification is subject to OML!

      How can a body be subject to one portion of the OML and not the whole body of law?

      When finally I explained that the banning was going to be a story in itself they relented, and said we could stay as long as we did  not try to get on the agenda, make comments or ask questions.

      We had never intended to join in the meeting,  just observe, as per OML.

      What we observed was a passionate thoughtful concerned group of students, parents, and staff ask pointed questions about the wisdom and feasibility of shoving another 500 bodies into a 100+ year old building w/o proper wiring to run computers and AC, no gym, and no auditorium, narrow hallways and staircases, and only two bathrooms on 2 of the 4 floors.

      I asked the  OPM rep what his experience/opinion/expertise was regarding  the SLT, OML and rights of the public including the media. Oddly, he did not know, only " SLT meetings go better when no media is present".

      Such is the state of "public education" in NYC.

      The school buildings belong to the chancellor and mayor, the public is banned from even the most perfunctory of  community engagement meetings and no one can keep track of the rules the lawyers in Tweed (and the virtual invisible networks) churn out- not even the lawyers themselves!

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