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Re: [PAAnews] Parent Revolution: Power Shift for Weigand Parents

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  • Caroline Grannan
    So what ARE the changes? That was certainly awfully vague. (And yes, Parent Revolution is quick to realize when its heavy-handedness was a PR disaster in the
    Message 1 of 3 , May 17, 2013
      So what ARE the changes? That was certainly awfully vague. (And yes, Parent Revolution is quick to realize when its heavy-handedness was a PR disaster in the long term, and to respond by changing its tactics next time.)

      On Fri, May 17, 2013 at 11:28 AM, Leonie Haimson <leonie@...> wrote:

      Interesting shift for Parent Trigger folks


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      parentrevolutionPower Shift for Weigand Parents


      Dear Leonie,

      There was a power shift for Weigand parents this week. Things will never be the same.


      Here’s what happened:


      After years of falling test scores and administrative obstruction, the parents of Weigand Avenue Elementary School in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles took matters in to their hands. These determined parents used California’s Parent Trigger law to petition the Los Angeles Unified School District to generate change.


      These parents deliberately chose a change option allowing them to transform their school through a 100% in-district process. With this option, the school will have a new principal, starting in the new school year.


      Importantly, no teachers will be involuntarily transferred or replaced – and no charter operator will come in to turn the school around.


      The Weigand parents are crystal clear: they love their teachers – and they want to workWeigand Parents Love Their Teachers closely with the teachers to create a brighter future for their kids.


      That’s why these parents, who have struggled for so long, chose the change option they believe is the very best for their children, their school – and their community.


      On Tuesday, the School Board supported the parent’s choice. Weigand Avenue Elementary School will have a fresh start in just a few months.


      The power shift?


      From now on, no one can suggest, with any shred of credibility, Parent Trigger conspiracy theories: It’s simply a tool for the thin edge of the charter school wedge.


      Those tin-foil conspiracy theories were tossed out the window this week. The Weigand parents are using the power given to them by the Parent Trigger law to make their own choices.


      That’s true parent power.


      Thanks to these courageous parents, every critic of Parent Trigger must answer this question:


      “If you say you want parents to have power – but you don’t want charter schools – then do you support the Parent Trigger choice made by the Weigand parents?”


      It’s a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer.




      Ben Austin

      Executive Director

      Parent Revolution

      Parent Revolution 315 W 9th St, Suite 904 Los Angeles, CA 90015
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