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Matthew Levey's charter school

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  • Leonie Haimson
    On the board of Matthew Levey’s new charter school is the former Superintendent of D2, Daria Rigney. Has this school been approved?
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      On the board of Matthew Levey’s new charter school is the former Superintendent of D2, Daria Rigney. 


      Has this school been approved?



      Daria Rigney is a former teacher, staff developer, middle school principal and district superintendent. She is a literacy expert with more than two decades of experience across New York City Schools. Her efforts have ranged from teaching in some of our most challenging schools to leading District 2, long acknowledged as one of New York City’s most successful districts. Retired from the Department of Education, she currently serves as a senior advisor at the Leadership Academy, training and mentoring the next generation of principals and leading school assessments. A long-time Brooklyn resident, Daria began her teaching career at PS 321, an elementary school in Park Slope, following a decade as an art advisor to corporations and individuals. Her two adult children attended Brooklyn public schools.


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      NYC Schools Chief attends a parent meeting on Monday night at 6 pm.  170 Gates Avenue in Bed-Stuy. 


      Organized by the Community Education Council for D13.


      As a new elementary public school hoping to open in the area next year, we'll be there.


      Whether you're interested in ICS or not, this is your chance to talk to the head of the school system and let him know your concerns or questions.


      Details here 


      Matthew Levey


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