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  • Leonie Haimson
    PARENT LEAD ERSHIP ACADEMY APRIL 15, 2013 For the past 20 years, Education for Excellence has offered the Parent Leadership Training a dynamic growth and
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      For the past 20 years, Education for Excellence has offered the Parent Leadership Training \ a dynamic growth and development course based on the premise that, as parents, "we teach who we are". This uplifting and inspiring course supports parents in developing essential life skills they can teach their children by example--skills such as focused listening, assertive communication , peaceful conflict resolution , forgiveness, taking responsibility, and conscious choice.


      In an effort to make this life-transforming course available to even more parents , Education for Excellence, working in partnership with CEI-PEA, offers the Parent Leadership Academy, a 30- hour "train the trainer" program that empowers parent support personnel (Parent Coordinators, Social Workers, Guidance Counselors) from schools and organizations to own and offer the Parent Leadership Training® in their communities . Graduates of the Parent Leadership Academy have:


            Improved their relationship skills, leadership ability and professional competence

            Been able to turnkey and skillfully present the Parent Leadership Training® to parent participants in their community

            Gained counseling skills that enable them to support, advise and engage parents more effectively




      Logistics: Five 6-hour sessions beginning on MONDAY , APRIL 15 and continuing for four MONDAYS  from 9:30- 3:30 at CEI-PEA, 28 West 44th Street.




      Cost: Due to a generous grant provided by CEI-PEA, the fee to train one parent  support personnel (Parent Coordinator , Social Worker, Guidance Counselor , PA member) from a CEI­ PEA Network school or CEI-PEA affiliated Charter School is $500. CEI-PEA Network schools may also use six CEI-PEA consulting hours as payment.


      The fee for schools not in the CEI-PEA Network is $1250 to train one parent support personnel or

      $2000 to train two parent support personnel from the same school.


      Schools can use Title 1 Parent Involvement funds, PA funds, or Professional Development allocations. We recommend you send two parent support personnel (Parent Coordinator, PA president , Guidance Counselor, Social Worker). The fee includes books, DVDs and training manuals.




      Enrollm en t: Limited to 25 participants. Please contact us by email or phone to reserve a space.




      For more inform ation : Please visit our website at www .ed4excellence.org to: read a synopsis of the Parent Leadership Academy and the Parent Leadership Training®, and view videos of parents and school personnel sharing their personal experiences of the course. Please contact Marc Rosenbaum for any questions or registration.





      marc@ed4excellence.com                                  917.445.0965                         www .ed4excellence .org



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