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Re: [nyceducationnews] Assembly Bill 1826 talking points

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  • Patrick Sullivan
    I ve not seen anything in the press in this bill. Has anyone? It is a bill about school choice so I would expect the WSJ and Gotham to have some interest
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 8 9:07 AM

      I've not seen anything in the press in this bill.  Has anyone?

      It is a bill about "school choice" so I would expect the WSJ and Gotham to have some interest but I know they have been primarily focused on where Leonie's kids go to school. 


      On Apr 7, 2013 5:34 PM, "Ellen" <mchgh_lln@...> wrote:

      For anyone who might make a call to a representative about the Tax Credit Bill
      Does this make me a shill for the teachers unions? a front for the status quo?
      Will my reputation recover.....nope, too late <grin>

      "Such a proposal has been offered in many shapes and forms around the country with the intent of using public funds to finance the costs of a non-public school education. In this particular case a proposal is offered under the guise of charitable giving for education purposes which is misleading.

      Current New York State mandates for a free public education system prohibit direct or indirect financial aid to schools under the control of a religious denomination or where religious tenets are taught. This requires the state to maintain an adequately funded public school system and, at the same time, prohibit the use of public money to provide direct or indirect support to religious schools. This proposal would divert public money away from the public schools to religious schools at a time when public schools in New York are inadequately funded.

      We do have several constitutionally permissible ways to help every child in New York State.......
      (1)By law, the state has to provide non-public school children with the same school health services and welfare services that children in public schools receive.
      (2)Public schools are also required to provide transportation to non-public school students.
      (3)Non-public school parents can also access the public school for educational services for the gifted, for career education, special education and other related services.
      (4)Non-public schools can be reimbursed partial costs for providing students with breakfast, lunch and milk.
      (5)Boards of education are required by law to loan text books, school library materials and computer software to non-public school children.
      (6)Federal Title I funding is also available to provide academic services to eligible children enrolled in non-public schools"

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