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  • Leonie Haimson
    Dear Neal: Leo Haimson is my father. I know kids love computers; I can t get either my 8 year old or my 16 year old off of them while at home, wasting lots of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 19, 2006
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      Dear Neal: Leo Haimson is my father.


      I know kids love computers; I can’t get either my 8 year old or my 16 year old off of them while at home, wasting lots of time.


      I just don’t think that a massive investment by the system in laptops is worth it, when our schools already are crying out for many other needs.  Right now, we’re ahead of the rest of the state in spending on computers, while far behind on class size, arts, science labs and almost everything else you can think of.


      In Maine, where they have a laptop program, kids were found to be playing games on the internet in class – can you imagine, given our class sizes how rampant this problem would be?  I consider this a much more serious threat to the learning environment than cell phones could ever be. 


      The administration is putting millions of dollars to develop a “digital portal” system in order to “individualize” learning; but the real way to individualize learning is to reduce class size and the ridiculously large teaching loads in middle and high school.  This they have absolutely no plans to do.  The notion that providing laptops to teachers and students will obviate the need for smaller classes when classes are often 30 and above, and teachers have 120-150 students each is absurd.


      But let’s agree to disagree and move on. 




      Leonie Haimson

      Class Size Matters

      124 Waverly Pl.

      New York, NY 10011




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      Show me one good controlled study that provides evidence that laptops lead to more learning, and I’ll buy in.  I’ve never seen one.

      Leonie Haimson

      Hi Leonie:


      What is the point here for you? What's the benefit of fighting against laptops or $ for same when computers are now the way of the world?


      (Are you related to Leo Haimson, with whom I taught I Columbia?)


      I know that laptops are very good for kids when I watch my own: 11, 9 and 7, at Mott Hall II and PS 333. It is a great aid for them and they love it...


      I was director of communications for the Institute for Urban & Minority Education at Teachers College 30 years ago, and then we were trying to introduce video!







      Neal H. Hurwitz

      Executive Director, CFS/EF, Inc./Int'l. Advisory Board, YSP

      FAX: 212-222-5887

      Real estate development & construction: Jeanine Chaplik, office: 212-222-9112

      Samantha Ethel, 6th grade, Mott Hall II, West 109th Street (nr B'way.), NY , NY 10025 ;
      Sofia Arielle, 3rd grade and William Abraham Lavey (Billy) Hurwitz, 1st grade
      Manhattan School (PS 333), West 93rd Street (nr Amsterdam ), NY , NY 10025

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