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Fwd: Demo against militarization of youth

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      Subj: Occupy Military Recruiters!



      When: Wednesday, February 15th, 11:45 AM


      Where: Rally at BMCC, 199 Chambers Street

      Then march to occupy military recruitment centers on Chambers St.


      In downtown Manhattan, located in close proximity to the campuses of BMCC and Stuyvesant High School, there are four recruitment centers: Army Recruiting Center, 143 Chambers; Navy Recruiting Station, 116 Chamber Street; Marines Recruiting Center, 165 Chambers Street; and Air Force Recruitment Center, 157 Chambers Street. These recruitment centers have been placed there in order to prey on thousands of students and young people that pass them every day. Recruiters have unfettered access not only outside the campus but also inside the schools where they wander around speaking to students.


      We will rally at 11:45 AM and then march to the recruitment centers where we will occupy them and conduct discussions inside using the “people’s mic.” Once finished, we will march back to BMCC and conduct a speak-out against the militarization and recruitment of our youth.


      For more information: http://www.nycga.net/events/event/f15-occupy-military-recruiters/

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