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Re: did anyone tape the PEP discussion/vote?

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  • Norm Scott
    I did some sporadic taping. Supposedly audio of all pep meetings are posted. But maybe not up yet. Cheers, Norm Scott Twitter: normscott1 Education Notes
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 11, 2012
      I did some sporadic taping. Supposedly audio of all pep meetings are posted.
      But maybe not up yet.
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      Subject: did anyone tape the PEP discussion/vote?

      Did anyone tape the discussion among the PEP members?  I’d love to see what Patrick & wilfredo said;  the comment from new mayoral appt. Marti of CUNY that closing these schools is “courageous”;  also when Shael supposedly said the following (acc. to tweets)


      Direct explanation of school closing policy from Shael: "It doesn't actually matter what advice or coaching we give from the outside."


      Shael: the suggestion that kids are moved around (to large, struggling high schools) just isn't accurate.


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      Subject: Re: Occupy the DOE! First Round of Media


      For the first time in two years, I also stayed for the vote and it was heart wrenching except, of course, as Janine mentions to see the four Boro reps vote NO. However, I can't help but think that since they knew how the ultimate vote would go, they were able to not antagonize their constituencies by voting NO. I did see Mary Markowitz (who can not be taken seriously as a supporter of public education or public anything)  at the UFT Rally and Scott Stringer has attended a few press conferences speaking out in defense of public education. Don't know if  the Bx and Queens Boro Presidents have done anything. However, there is so much more these elected officials could do if they really wanted to. Let's see how and if they posture to wipe out Mayoral Control.
      I'd like to see the Puppet Panelists get some ODoE attention in between PEP meetings. Gloria



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      Subject: Re: Occupy the DOE! First Round of Media

      Since Kya was with dad for the night, it allowed me to stay til the bitter end, and then some. 

      Patrick Sullivan was amazing last night, as always.  Tore up the panel, as did Ruben Diaz of the Bronx. 
      Gbubemi Okotieuro of Bklyn and Dmytro Fedkowskyj of Queens managed to ask questions the panel never seemed to answer, or if they did, it was wrapped in repeated words like accountability and data.  I'd love to get a count of how many times DATA was said.  Outrageous!  Falling on deaf ears, but watching the panel try to seemingly convince themselves of their rhetoric at times was revealing and sadly comical.  Each member who asked questions did so in a way to reveal what seriously flawed policies these are.   Watching the 4 boros hang together with their NO votes on all closures was wonderful, framing the panel on each side, like pillars of the people.  (SI spoke but held no candle to the others, and voted with the puppet panel.)  Watching the 8 Mayoral appointees raise hands almost faster than the speaker could finish the name of the school was heart wrenching.

      my 2 cents on the coverage below.

      On Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 12:29 AM, Kevin Prosen <kprosen@...> wrote:

      I'm struck by how many of these articles make mention very clearly of the various possibilities of open meetings law violations concerning both the volume and the lockout in the lobby, and also of the police presence.  And while Fox 5, for example, does lead with the "division" between the UFT and Occupy the DOE, they also mention that the two groups "came together in the end."


      The DOE and Bloomberg look really bad in all these reports, and Occupy looks, well, provocative and militant, if also chaotic.  And well, we knew that about the movement already.  I'm sure there'll be plenty of negativity flung at us over the next 48 hours or so, but so far the media is better than I expected.


      from NY1:


      I'm amazed at how much more balanced this coverage was, and how much more support and understanding the press had for the occupiers!  makes DOE, PEP and Mayor look really bad.  


      Fox 5 called it a "family scene"


      Can't believe fox was even making occupiers look good!  great interviews with parents.  Seems like press is getting more welcoming to this view point!


      Gotham Schools live-blogged it:



      The NYTimes also did:



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