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RESEND, w/correct link for "Great article in GothamSchools on NYC student finally taught to read -- at 18!"

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  • SusanCNYC@aol.com
    (Sent earlier with two links to GG article. Now has correct link to GS article.) EXCELLENT story in today s GothamSchools about successfully helping one of
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2012
      (Sent earlier with two links to GG article.  Now has correct link to GS article.)

      EXCELLENT story in today's GothamSchools about successfully helping one of the nearly half-million struggling readers we have in NYC public schools.  Most of these students get little or no help at all, hence our graduation/drop-out rates. Below the link is the comment I left.


      Re -- "The New York City Department of Education is responsible for educating millions of students, and while it does provide special education resources such as the OTC, some, like Moustafa, can slip through the cracks."

      Actually, MANY students like Moustafa slip through the cracks. According to the NICHD (Nat'l Inst. Child Health an Development) four out of ten children struggle with learning to read.  That comes to nearly a half million NYC public school children.  Two out of ten -- or a quarter-million children in our public schools -- are dyslexic.  (See my article on this subject at http://www.gothamgazette.com/article/education/20111019/6/3623 )

      One of the most mind-boggling things I've heard from a parent, whose child was sent by the DOE to a Special Ed private school, was that she was told during an IEP review "Reading is not a service provided by the [DOE]."  She moved her then-8th-grader to another school and he was reading within three months. 

      The usual Special Ed neuro-psych evaluation barely picks up reading problems, much less dyslexia.  One of the first things parents can do is ask a school to give their child the Grey Oral Reading Test.  This test is decades old, has stood the test of time, and will give parents and the school crucial information early in the process. 

      Congratulations Moustafa, thank you Ms. Dolan, and thank you Mr. Preston for writing this much-needed story! 

      Susan Crawford, Director
      The Right to Read Project
      501 Cathedral Parkway, Suite 10-D
      New York, NY  10025

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