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Re: How Berrien County Stays in the Dark

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  • Pinkney Freddie
     spread the word the media will not !  ________________________________    Subject: How Berrien County Stays in the Dark It s called Propaganda, and the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2012
       spread the word the media will not ! 
         Subject: How Berrien County Stays in the Dark

      It's called Propaganda, and the media outlets in Berrien County are leaders in the field.   If reporting was truthful and thorough, residents would have information that might provoke meaningful action in response to behavior of elected and other officials, and the Whirlpool Corporation.

      For example, an immense travesty has just occurred in Berrien.  An African-American man turned up dead in the St. Joe river on Wednesday in St. Joe Township.  There is no doubt for many that he was murdered, possibly by St. Joe Twnshp. cops, the last to see him alive.   Many know Berrien County has a sordid history of African-American "disappearances."  

      It will remain a largely unknown (but crucially important civil rights event) because WNDU-TV and WSTB-TV reported it like this (paraphrase):

      "Timothy Allen was found dead in the St. Joe river;  foul play is not suspected.  Now onto gas prices..."
      A man turning up dead in the river has a chilling effect on a community.  25 women, at least, have disappeared from Benton Harbor in the last couple decades.
      Imagine how this impacts the heart and soul of a community.
      But that's the point.   Destroy Benton Harbor by any means necessary for the redevelopment of the land.

      Think of the possibilities of action and community outreach if media, on a daily basis gave us full reporting.   You know, Journalism.



      Whirlpool's disdain of American workers

      Geographically isolated Benton Harbor has had it's livelihood withdrawn by the Whirlpool Corporation.  In place of jobs, residents are now concerned with survival and avoiding police profiling in their once thriving city.   It's becoming a desperate existence, of which most in Michigan are unaware.

      The Whirlpool Corporation is proving itself to be hostile toward  American workers as they continue to extract factories and thousands of jobs from places like Newton, Iowa, Evansville, Ill., and Ft. Smith, Ark.   Radio & TV personality Ed Schultz has been naming the corporation and it's crimes against American workers recently.


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