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senate may vote tomorrow on LIFO; AFL-CIO trashes bill

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  • Leonie Haimson
    Senate may vote tomorrow on LIFO; Bloomberg goes to Albany to push for ending seniority protections. Too bad he never cared as much about full funding, class
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      Senate may vote tomorrow on LIFO; Bloomberg goes to Albany to push for ending seniority protections.  Too bad he never cared as much about full funding, class size, or protecting the quality of education for our kids.


      Meanwhile, finally, the AFL-CIO is steamed.  General strike anyone?  About time that all the unions including police and fire got behind the UFT on this one.


      The Daily Politics

      By Celeste Katz

      February 28, 2011 4:01 PM 4 comments

      AFL-CIO's Denis Hughes Trashes John Flanagan Teacher Seniority Bill

      BY Celeste Katz

      AFL-CIO President Denis Hughes is really, REALLY letting state Sen. John Flanagan have it for a bill he introduced that would change the law to first cut teachers who have an unsatisfactory rating in any of the last five years, have been slapped with a fine or suspension or meet one of seven other criteria.

      denis hughes.jpgThe bill, sponsored with the blessing of Mayor Bloomberg, is part and parcel of Hizzoner's push to change the "last in, first out" policy of laying off teachers. Clearly, the union's trying to get out ahead of Bloomberg's plan to head to Albany (reported today by our Ken Lovett) to make his case.

      Here's what Hughes has to say about the Flanagan bill:

      “This bill is a blatant assault on the principles of collective bargaining, and an attack on working men and women throughout this state who are represented by labor unions.

      “I want to make it abundantly clear to our elected officials that they cannot use the Wisconsin model of politics here in New York, and that the New York State AFL-CIO will not tolerate attempts to silence the voice of working people.

      “This bill amends the Education Law to drastically change the layoff procedures of teachers and supervisory personnel in New York City schools.    Educators perform one of the most demanding jobs in the state and are responsible for much more than only teaching our state’s children and youth.   The numerous educational, testing, curriculum and other mandated requirements necessitates fair and long term strategy when layoffs, cutbacks or other removal procedures must be employed.

       “This bill will not only remove seniority as the primary factor but will eliminate the ability of teachers to make decisions and carry out their required duties without fear of dismissal.  The new procedures would allow for the dismissal of career educators without any consideration for their education, training and experience that ensure layoffs happen in an impartial way.

      “The bill would also eliminate the rehiring rights of affected school personnel, opening the door to the potential for abuse of the new “layoff system” for use as a termination tool.

      “This bill is the result of a lengthy and coordinated campaign against the rights and benefits of all workers over the last several years, particularly against the rights and benefits of public employees.   This has led to systematic attempts to dismantle collective bargaining rights, seniority, pensions, health insurance and civil service rights under the guise of “the fiscal emergency.    

      “During these historically uncertain economic times, working men and women have an even greater need for a voice in the workplace, and in their own economic future.  As such, collective bargaining remains the most effective avenue in which to address their needs and concerns.”



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