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Re: [nyceducationnews] Don't Mourn -- Organize

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  • Mona Davids
    This is great. I m on board. Mona Davids Sent from my iPhone
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 31, 2010
      This is great. I'm on board. 

      Mona Davids
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      On Jul 31, 2010, at 2:25 PM, josh karan <joshkaran2@...> wrote:


      Don't Mourn --- Organize

      We have been presented with the best opportunity in 8 years to drastically alter the direction of education in NYC, with potential national implications.

      The struggle a year ago against reauthorization of Mayoral control, and the Mayoral election itself, were fought against the facade of deception that has now been shattered.  

      Let us seize this opportunity:

      I suggest the following strategy

      A) Compile a definitive log of test scores from 2003 (the real start of Bloomberg-Klein) and the present

      --- The current figures are scattered and confusing, with B-K still claiming we can have it their way

      --- could someone please compile a table and graph, easily understood, which shows the reality now admitted by NY State Dept of Ed

      B) Prepare a cover sheet in English & Spanish, for a 2 sided leaflet with the table/graph on the back, explaining the meaning of these revelations  

      C) Put it on-line for download 

      D) Plan during the next month to to distribute it citywide on the first day of school at as many schools as possible  

      E) Prepare a common resolution for introduction at every September CEC, PA, and President's Council meeting denouncing the fraud that has been perpetuated (and perhaps seeking the resignation of the Chancellor)

      F) Organize a massive turnout at the September PEP meeting to present the collective resolutions passed citywide by CEC's, PA's, and President's Councils 

      ---- 500 to 1000 people signing up to speak at this session will surely garner increased press attention

      G) Announce an October date for a citywide parent conference to relaunch a citywide organization of Parents For Real Education of NYC Students

      --- try to repair the rifts which occurred in the Mayoral control battle between the forces of the Parent Commission, Coalition For Education Justice-AQE, & Charter School parents.  It should be more apparent to those who defended the Mayor and Chancellor that they were snookered. They may be willing to participate in a joint effort.

      H) Invite to this parent conference the candidates for New York State Governor to explain how they can refuse to fully fund CFE under the present circumstances, and what their plan is for fulfilling the promise of CFE;
      Include City Council member Charles Barron who is seeking to obtain 50,000 votes for the Freedom Party to make this party qualify as a recognized New York State party. (Barron has been one of the staunchest supporters of our causes;  let the difference between his positions and those of Andrew Cuomo become visible, and then maybe we can more influence Cuomo, who is almost a shoo-in for Governor)

      I)   Put pressure on the Public Advocate, a public school parent and former School Board member, to support the formation of an independent parent organizing effort about these issues

      J)  Call on City Council Education Committee Chair Robert Jackson to conduct a hearing on the testing fraud ;   let us get testimony in front of this committee by Chancellor Klein and, if possible the New York State Regents Chair Merryl Tisch, and NY State Education Commissioner David Steiner

      I invite comments to plan a strategy over the next few weeks which can then be moved on as the school year begins.

      Josh Karan
      District 6, northern Manhattan
      The District which initiated the Campaign For Fiscal Equity struggle

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