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charter petition now working again; and most important Senators to call!

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  • Leonie Haimson
    1. For a short time this morning, our petition against raising the charter school cap was not working. If you tried and were unsuccessful, please try again.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2010
      1. For a short time this morning, our petition against raising the charter school cap was not working.  If you tried and were unsuccessful, please try again.  The link is here: http://www.change.org/petitions/view/vote_no_to_raising_the_cap_on_charter_schools 


      And please add the petition link to your Facebook page, by clicking on the Facebook widget to the right!


      1. Sources in Albany say that it is especially important that folks from Senator Adams', Parker's & Hassell-Thompson's districts call and fax them and urge them to oppose the bill.  Below are their phone nos., but try their Albany numbers first. 


      The Senate toll number is: 1-877-255-9417 and press 2.


      Senator Adams: (518) 455-2431/ (718) 284-4700

      Senator Parker:    (518) 455-2580/ (718) 629-6401

      Senator Hassell-Thompson: (518) 455-2061/ (718) 547-8854


      But everyone should call their Senators and especially their Assembly members, where this bill will have to pass as well to become law.  For their contact info please click on http://nymap.elections.state.ny.us/nysboe/


      Here is a script:  This bill provides insufficient transparency, accountability and protection for parent and student rights.  It would continue to bar audits from the state comptroller, would continue to allow profit-making enterprises to make money off our kids, and would encourage more bitter battles between parents over space in public school buildings.  Vote no on Senate bill S.7678!


      If you do talk to legislators or staff, please let me know what they say.


      And thanks, as always, for your support,


      Leonie Haimson
      Executive Director
      Class Size Matters
      124 Waverly Pl.
      New York , NY 10011



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